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    Installing rebuilt 06 KX250F motor.

    Well reinstalling the rebuilt motor for my 06 KX 250F . It kept bogging down and stalling out then noticed it would lock up when trying to kick it over turns out the bottom end was done. So she's all rebuilt professionally $3000 I learned my lesson im selling all my used bikes this winter and I'm buying new.Then selling them every winter and just buy new 250 and 450 replacements every spring then sell them every winter.That way every year from now on I got something new that I don't have to screw with and I can sell at the end of the year and not have to pay for six months of insurance for it just sitting in storage. So to anyone on here from Saskatchewan this KX250F aswell as my 07 CRF 450R will be going up for sale will sell as a package deal. Both great bikes the kc250F has just obviously had the motor done with paperwork but also the forks and chain and sprockets it's basically an new 06 kx250F at this point .Lots have bin done to the Honda aswell.
  2. Sorry I did just do a coolant change now I'm running John Deere premix coolant as I work for a big farmer in Saskatchewan. I asked if I could buy coolant for my dirtbike and the boss just laughed and said do as many coolant changes as you want on the house for the small amount your bike takes. So from now on my CRF450R takes John Deere coolant. But never had a issue with the Napa coolant.
  3. Hell I just run regular Napa 50/50 coolant in my 07 CRF 450R I've never had a problem trail or track.
  4. 16Raptor

    Is 06 kx250f a reliable bike

    Ya I guess it depends. There's lots of tracks in Saskatchewan hell it would make a great starter bike specially with all the work iv done and I'm doing to it. But I guess we'll see if I can't get $2800 come end of the season I'll just keep it and have it around as a spare bike to ride.She should look like a brand new bike when it's all back together.Bin busy scrubbing done the frame for that rebuilt painted up engine.
  5. 16Raptor

    Is 06 kx250f a reliable bike

    I'm basically wanting to just do track riding from now on I was doing some off road ridding last summer as the summer before I was in the hospital my left leg broken in multiple spots thanks to my CRF 450R. So did some easy ridding last summer just gravle pits and backroads now this summer I'm committing to do mainly track ridding. I got multiple track memberships including Unity SK and Eston SK and more to come.My thought is when I buy my new bike next spring I'm going to ride it for the season sell it then buy another new one the next spring and always just have a new bike every season. I'm just so comfortable on my Honda just not sure what to think of this Kawasaki yet only road it for mile before the bottom end went south feels different not sure if I like it of hate it.
  6. 16Raptor

    Pics of Your 450....

    Here is my 07crf 450r since this picture last month it has all new plastics handle bars and seat cover installed will load pictures of the recent overhaul. Since my accident yes this bike put me into the hospital for most of all last summer now that it's bin gone through to better condition before the accident. I'm thinking of selling it. I would like to get a Honda TRX 700XXyes a sport quad laugh all you guys want I broke my leg in three places I'm lucky I didn't loose my left leg from the knee down. My leg causes me lots of pain still 10months since my last surgery so thinking a sport quad would be easier on my leg and I'd still be able to ride.
  7. 16Raptor

    Rider Protection... uh oh

    No but I've had my share of wipe outs stiches and broken bones and I'll tell you one thing them chest protectors specially the good ones like the new Fox raptor chest protector with least protect your ribs and if you slide across the dirt a good ways lots of stiches aswell. I plan on buying that Fox Raptor chest protector looks to be a well built one I think it'll be worth the money. But cheap $80 chest protectors ya don't expect much.
  8. 16Raptor

    Rider Protection... uh oh

    Please wear as much protective motocross equipment as you can buy believe me I had a really bad accident last summer I broke my leg in three places was off work all summer and lost $15 000 in lost income as well as damage to my Dirt bike witch I'm almost done rebuilding. Were a neck brace once you get into a wreck like I did you will know what I'm taking about. Ill explain a little bit it was after supper figured I'd go for a quick rip up couple back roads before I call it a day then I screwed up wipped out broke my leg in three places. But before I left I thought to myself ma I only need my jersey pants and helmet well while I was laying on that dirt road wondering if I was going to be found ( laid there with broken leg just over two hours)before the coyotes eat me I said to myself never again will I ride this bike without all my gear had I bin wearing knee braces I think I would of had a better out come. Believe me a month in the hospital is no fun I almost had a stroke at 26 years old cause they could not control my swelling since it was so long before I was found and rushed to the hospital. My point is were as much protective equipment as possible I also now have a mouth guard as I had a what they told me was TBI tramadic brain injury plus a chipped tooth. Believe me you don't wanna be stuck wereing this for 2 weeks. That's a xbrace and yup them bolts go straight into my bone the swelling was so bad I had they could not do surgery on my leg to I had to lay in bed for almost two weeks with a broken leg broken in three places waiting for the swelling to go down to then have three plates installed.That exbrace was need to keep my leg stretched out cause the swelling with the bones beeing broke shrunk my leg 6 inches. Hope this answers your questions and everyone else's question when it comes to how much gear they should were.
  9. 16Raptor

    Fixed cracked Stator cover.

    Thanks took all weekend lots of tedious sanding couple coats of primer but sure was worth taking my time. No leaks and already had all the supplies sept for the JB weld so cost me about $10.
  10. Also I have a 4.5 Leatt neck brace and I would not ride without it. Most MX guys don't like wearing them because it limits movement of your head witch is a good thing means less chance of breaking your neck. I don't think good neck braces like the leatts are a marketing scam.
  11. I think all the gear is important in it's own way you can never were enough ridding equipment. When I had my accident this summer things would of bin alot worse then my broken leg if I wasn't wearing most of my gear.
  12. 16Raptor

    Cracked engine case, REPAIR?

    I think if it were me I'd replace both sides. But it's hard to tell how deep and long it really is until it's all removed. How did it break?
  13. Hi I haven't posted in a while didn't get much riding in this past summer due to my dirtbike accident in June and my broken leg. But did get to do a little back road cruising before it snowed. But to get to my point I had my 07 CRF 450R leaned up against my deck and when I was at work we had a 110+ KM/H windstorm come up and it slammed my bike into the ground put my new shifter into my Stator cover. So I after I calmed down I went on eBay and was going to be way to much with shipping and the duty Fee's and the dollar difference since I'm in Saskatchewan Canada. Thus I'm kinda strapped after being out of work all summer due to my accident. So I got a thinking theres got to be a way to fix this thing for cheap. I got on Google and turns out I'm not the only one this had happened to so I bought so JB weld did some Bondo and paint. Now going to paint the clutch cover nothing like a job well done. Sorry I didn't take pictures of it before I started on it phone was dead had to let it charge a bit but as you can see from the back side it wasn't good leaked like a siv. So I ruffed the area up with 80grit the took a diegrinder and ground the in side of the crack and braked cleaned the crap out of it . Lots more upgrades to come now that winter is here it's getting a massive over haul all new plastics new rads rebuildt front end new chain and sprockets brakes handle bars pegs seat cover tires brakes wheels and more.
  14. I went from a 2016 700r Raptor to a 07 CRF 450 Honda and I got to say it's a lot to handle iv already broke my leg in three places I'd like to trade it for a 250 Honda. If you're a small person like me 5foot 7 and 155lbs a 450 dirtbike is hard to handle but I'm getting around to it but I'd rather a 250.
  15. 16Raptor

    Now that's a beautiful thing ☺

    I know I'll piss people off buy I went from Yamaha Raptors to Honda dirtbikes cause I can't afford to keep rebuilding Yamaha raptor 700 Motors. My Honda CRF 450R is 10x more reliable and would embarrass my 2016 700 Raptor