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  1. Thanks
  2. I might have found the answer myself. I found a post where someone reported that the M side stand is 35mm (about 1⅜") shorter.
  3. Hi Shamone, could you tell me how much shorter the CRF250M side stand is than the stock CRF250L one please? Thanks.
  4. I just got mine today:
  5. That's very helpful; thanks very much.
  6. I see that the front axle now has an internal hex and is flush with the fork: Does anyone know what size the internal hex is please?
  7. Just joined in West Sussex. Not actually got a dirt bike yet; I guess that makes me a wannabe!
  8. Hi, I'm new here; just joined up today. I'm in West Sussex in England. I only have a road bike at the moment, but want to get a CRF250L. I'm interested in riding rural byways ('green lanes') in remote areas. Ancient trackways, drove roads, that sort of thing.