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  1. Not upgraded
  2. right now 35-70. During my peak riding months 55-85
  3. 1999 yz250. 15 hours on rebuild top and bottom. Boysen dual stage reeds, fmf shorty silencer, uni filter, stock expansion chamber. Stock jetting, air screw turned 1.5 turns out. Can anyone give me advice for jetting? I ride PA tight woods stuff, so I'd like to move the power lower if possible. A friend told me to go up to a 52 pilot, but I just wanted to get more opinions. I'm running 93 octane, 40:1 Klotz R50, between 700-1500ft above sea level. Thanks in advance.
  4. So after much thought I decided to do some stuff to the 99yz in preparation for a Breezewood trip this April. I ordered Boysen dual stage reeds, an FMF shorty silencer, and new springs for the fork & rear shock. I used RaceTech's website to calculate the spring rates for my weight and riding. I have a question about hand protection though- right now I have bark busters on my bars (I ride PA woods mainly) but when I go to the mx track, should I remove them? They almost seem like a wrist trap... is this normal thinking or am I being paranoid?
  5. I rode my buddy's 2012 yz250. He is an A class harescramble rider and his bike is race ready. It was night and day difference. I'm just going to write my 99 off as a "learning machine" and when I'm ready to race I'm going to buy a newer one. The newer frame felt better for me.
  6. Which of the larger capacity gas tanks has the least added height in the front. I haven't procreated yet, so minimal 'nut crushing potential' is important.
  7. I'm from Jim Thorpe, so I ride coal roads and singletrack between Wilkes-Barre and Pottsville. How about you?
  8. I'm learning quickly. I race atv's and mtn bikes, so my starting point isn't totally in the basement. Starting to trust the tires more each ride which is my biggest hurdle. My friend is my size and has a cr250 set up for his weight and it was bliss- that made me realize that my suspension needs some love.
  9. yes, i forgot to mention the flywheel is on my todo list also.
  10. New to dirtbikes, been getting comfy on my yz and riding other bikes to see what I like and don't like. My bike is a 99 yz250. It's bone stock right now. Is the 99 suspension worth respringing/revalving or should I get an SSS fork before I do that? I'm never going to race this, so I don't need top of the line. However, my current suspension is pretty beat (I set sag and got my rebound/compression dialed in, but 1-I'm 250 geared up and 2-the suspension is old). Racetech is the closest suspension shop to me geographically, so I will use their products or send it there. But is the 99 stuff worth re-doing or should I get the SSS? For motor, there is plenty of power, but I want to move it lower in RPM. Right now I'm always just below the midrange powerband and it's going to eat my clutch eventually. I'm looking @ Vforce reeds, DEP pipe, fmf shorty silencer, and then play with the jetting however it needs. Does that sound like a good starting point? For control, I'm a big fan of Flexx bars, so I will probably snag a pair of those. Are there any pegs that stand out? On my quad I have houser pro-bounce pegs and they are like a cloud, so anything like that would be cool. Thanks for any input/guidance
  11. I ordered a DEP pipe, vforce3 reed cage, and pro circuit silence for my 99 yz250. Does anyone have any jetting advice? I can't find much on the manufacturer's websites. I've been spoiled with my fuel injected yfz and am honestly a little timid to play with the carb. Ideally someone else here is running the same pipe, silencer, reed combo and can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  12. Probably just a kneecap guard. The braces are expensive, when I get married next year, hopefully my spouse's good gov't insurance will cover some "preventative" knee braces *fingers crossed*
  13. First wreck... I fell and crushed my knee cap off a rock. Luckily I'm a chiropractor so I took an xray of it at the office and no fracture, BUT - do you guys have any experience with knee braces for riding. I have been looking at review and such, but what is a good mid range knee brace. I don't want to spend more than 200.
  14. Thanks for all the info guys! My suspension is pretty good for now, the guy I bought it off weighs maybe 15 pounds less than me, and had it set up for him. So it's pretty good for the trails I'm going to be riding for the next 2-4 months. Does anybody ride around Northeast PA? I'm always looking for people to ride with (and appreciate my crashes).
  15. Where is the best place to get a stabilizer? On my yfz forum, there are vendors with great specials for forum members. Anything like that here? All the feedback I've gotten is to just let well enough alone with the motor, so a stabilizer may be the first thing I do.