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  1. I have a 2004 KTM sx65 My question is how these three hoses are connected to the water pump and engine. This bike has two hose outlets on the water pump located on the right side of the engine cover and one hose outlet in the top of the head and one hose connection to the side of the motor next to the water pump. The radiator has a hose connected to the top and one hose connected to the bottom. I am totally confused as to which is connected to which. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at livyq@bluemarble.net
  2. livy

    Rings for a 78 cr390

    Yea, I tried to post on that web site but it's far to complicated, I could not figure out where to post the question. Let me ask you one, If getting the .080 rings is not possible maybe it would be better to buy a used standard jug? Do you think that might be a better option?
  3. I am looking for rings for a 78 husky cr390. It says .080 on top of the piston. Is there any chance of buying this item???