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  1. my buddy bailed and waiting for a new coil. I going on vacation so it might have to wait if it does not arrive soon.
  2. It was like 318. I have a buddy bringing me a endoscope to check out the piston and intake valves.
  3. Its been cleaned. Ultrasonic and bath
  4. I think I may of found the culprit. Pickup Coil resistance is 300+ where the service manual says 270. I still have the CDI to test but will do ASAP.
  5. Intake .10 MM with drag, going up to .13mm didnt fit. Exhaust was .13mm and going up to .15mm didnt fit. the Intake is either just slightly out of spec or just about to be.
  6. Ill check em again and write all the sizes down. Shouldnt take long
  7. I havent had the stator replace... I just thought it would be easier to visually tell you what is in the bike. I had just replaced the pick up coil only when I lost spark. People have different names for it but I used Trigger Coil. I didn't do the no battery mod but I inspected all the wiring and retaped worn out areas. Maybe a full inspection is needed? Doesn't seem like valves would be the issue..maybe?
  8. I am pretty sure it is a Street model. However no battery. I am the third owner as far as I know. t is this fella:
  9. I am just unable to get this beast going again. day it died: was riding on trail. stop to take a break. bike stalled. never started again. we had no spark. replaced trigger coil. have spark. still no start. I think the carb is a Mikuni TM36 or 38. Other checks: I have tested resistance of pulsar coil and ignition coil. Timing should line up. Magento lined, Cams pointed opposite of each other. the up arrow with a 1 next to it on the cam sprocket. Woodruff Key Carb cleaned new spark plugs Yesterday: Was able to bump start it but didn't feel right. Almost like misfiring. Couldn't hold anything less than 1/4 throttle. Even then having to give a bit more throttle to keep it going. Engine had a misfire sound to it. You can feel it by placing hand over the exhaust. You feel the brief cut out even at 1/2 throttle. Plug was completely covered in dry black soot. Carb main jet needle(i think) is currently set to the middle notch. Valve clearance on the intake was on the high end of spec with some drag. I can't recall exhaust valves but I believe they were within the min/max I could take it to the shop but I am more interested in learning on this bike. I bought it (with plate) for $200 so it has been more of a project.
  10. Not sure but I have a 91' 350 that is plated. I bought it plated. Just saying it is possible.
  11. My current carb is shot/weathered and looking to replace it. I have a single cable throttle (dont mind changing to dual) and 3x3 airbox mod. What options do I have. I currently have a Mikuni TM but can not determine size.
  12. sorry I have been busy and actually got around to cleaning the carb but forgot to take pictures. It does have a pilot jet. I cleaned the shit out of it and the port. I solved my idle issue but still having some issues. If I have the choke on (even half) to start the bike. RPMs shoot up to 7K. Think of it as a run away diesel engine. If I turn it off then the it will settle back down to 2k. Giving any throttle above 6K RPM will cause the RPMs to stick. Eventually it goes back down to 2k but not in a "normal" amount of time. The throttle itself doesn't appear to be sticking. I can easily open it to full and let go and it will quickly reset itself. I lubed the cables up as well.
  13. I am 100% inexperienced and I have looked as much as I can. I can get the bike to stay idle and run between 3.5-4K RPM. Not Ideal. I am pretty sure the carb is the Mikuni TM32. It has the airbox mod. If I have the choke on it will start to run away up to the 7K+ RPM but not every time. Idle Adjust screw does nothing. When I turn on the fuel initially nothing comes out the overflow, However after I start kicking or after it running for a bit I get fuel coming out of the overflow. I have been unable to find a rebuild kit. I have no idea what adjustments need to be made ( if any that will help) to get it to run right. Thank you in advance for your replies and patience with my noob self.