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  1. Anyone by chance know what a 2000 500 engine/trans weighs? I ask because I have a 2007 450f with a 500 2 stroke mated in it. I am setting up the suspension and wonder if the difference in engine weight is significant.
  2. Anyone by chance know what a 2007 450f engine/trans weighs? I ask because I have a 2007 450f with a 500 2 stroke mated in it. I am setting up the suspension and wonder if the difference in engine weight is significant.
  3. Anyone installed a race harness on a 4T? I currently have the harness and before diving in I want to see if there are any tips and tricks someone can offer. Also my RR is street legal (so very cool) and if I ever want to revert how hard would it be? I imagine removing the seat and tank and laying the wires and making the connections is all that is required - but then again optimism often ends in frustration.... Thanks in advance
  4. Come on guys - really. I can post some nude picture of my neighbor - I'm just kidding Anyone with some helpful advice? I'm probably going to use Race Tech or similar but I do know certain bikes (years) have preferred tuners.
  5. I recently purchased a 2007 Kx450f with a 500 mated to the frame. The previous owner built this AF bike and never rode it do to a sad story. Bike has sat for 7 years with a new engine, wheels etc.. It was recently put back together and offered for sale. I often send my suspension off and wonder who is best known for this year and model forks/shock? Mostly national hare and hound riding (lots of whoops) and a few hill climbs are in the bikes future. Thanks in advance
  6. Bike now has 7 hours on it. Beta installed a Race Tech gold valve - thanks for the correction. I don't regret having Beta setup the suspension. The price was semi reasonable and I got a great shock with the setup. I could lean on them to change settings but I think it will be easier and less time consuming going another route. They had their shot and I don't get the impression that the service is set up this way. I have messed with the fork settings quite a bit including changing fluid settings. I would not want to remove any more fluid as the forks are now prone to bottoming. Initially prior to fluid removal I backed the compression out all the way and the forks still were not as compliant as I would have liked. I race desert and initially bought this bike for a baja trip due to it being street legal and unable to take a 2t due to fuel stops. Never planned to race the bike but I am starting to like it and may try a few rounds with this instead of my 2t. After all I have been passed by factory Beta riders in National Hare and Hound races as if I was standing still so know the bike is capable of being desert raced. Over whoops this bike currently is less composed as I am use to and is choppy and doesn't always track straight. Damping is off and leans towards the bottom of the stroke. I do have the next heaver set of springs installed and weigh 195 with gear.
  7. BoogieMan - thank you. Worked like a charm. Why would you take this out? See the photo. This bike is a 2017 with 7hrs, two washes in the driveway and one rain filled day of riding.
  8. I sprung for the pro factory suspension with my BYOB this year hoping it would be the trick. Shock is great (Fox Podium) but the forks leave something to be desired. They basically put a PC gold valve in and changed the fluid. I called the Beta suspension shop to see if they would entertain some adjustments if I sent the forks back (6 hours on the bike) and I was first told the tech who put the forks together is no longer there (great) and that they set it up as I asked. I not going to make someone do something they don't want to do so I guess it off to plan B. Don't get me wrong, the forks are good but not as good as other bikes I have owned. Adam at Kreft has worked magic on some of my KTMs and I am contemplating sending the forks to him for the Beta. Anyone have good experiences with fork work preformed by Kreft on a Beta? I have the CC forks, 2017 430 RE. Pretty sure they will remove the gold valves and reinstall the Beta pistons and revalve them to suit.
  9. Well I put on a new chain (116 links) and really like the way it changed the geometry. Rear wheel is probably 1.5" further back even with the larger sprocket. I wanted to share this with any one who rides more open areas as it moves wieght to the front wheel and allows the rear end to oversteer. I prefer a bike to behave this way. I have spent most of my life desert racing so this may not be everyones cup of tea...
  10. Has anyone installed a Beta USA steering lock cover? It (to me) is not apparent how to install it. Looks as though I might have to grind the small protruding item off to remove the keyed tumbler? Thanks in advance
  11. I figured this (wheel base length) just makes for an expensive sprocket change and a major PITA. I could of course add a link or two but multiple masterlinks is never wise if you ride and race in the boonies. On a side note - anybody have experience with the an narrow X ring chain? Has the same (almost) tensile strength as the regular 520 but is thinner and less likely to rub stuff.
  12. 49 tooth sprocket would not go on my 17 430. I counted the links (112) and it is no wonder! Most of my bikes have chains with 116 links. Why would Beta do this.
  13. 300 KTM (or Husky), Beta would probably best serve you. I PMed you with my # if you are in my neck of the woods. Due to your weight I would not go with a smaller bore and you can be lazy and lug the 300s. Check out what knarly stuff Colton Haaker and Gram Jarvis can do with 300s - who needs a trials bike....
  14. Nothing worse then buying a bike and not liking it. I have a new 2017 Beta 430 race edition. It has been plated and I live in NM. I like the bike but I am more of a 2 stroke kind of guy myself. I bought it for trips that involve gas stations and roads. It is about 90% as fast as my husqvarna - or at least how I ride and to my prefernces. My beta dealer plated it for me -Turn key. I have since remapped it and uncorked the bike so likely it is not truly street legal anymore. Incredibly my 2 stroke ripper is also plated here in NM but that was a fluke. Not sure where you are located but PM me and I will let you ride both if you like.
  15. I like riding my dirtbike. I even like working on it but I don't enjoy the knives often pulled out on this forum. I have other bikes, cars and periodically cruise other forums and have never encountered a ruthless set as this bunch. I am not sure if it is the Beta section or what but we all probably have more in common than not. I want to think that Beta riders are not nasty people but why all of the daggers pointed at each other? Lets be civil, its a bummer to make our hobbies have some suckyness to them. We are here to help each other out and share stories not piss on each other. Everyone has differing opinions and ways of doing things, makes the world and interesting place. Just my .02