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  1. Ok thanks. I'll try and look for it
  2. I did not replace the valves. Would it be obvious if they were bent?
  3. I bought a 2002 Honda xr200 in August 2016. I rode it for a while and it ran pretty good until November 2016 when I thought that the top end went. I put a new top end in it and I thought that I did everything right. I put it all back together and I have no compression. This is my first time doing a 4-stroke top end so I came in with little experience. I'm assuming that I timed the bike wrong because I've never done it before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I just put a brand new top end into my 02 xr200, which was a pain because I had to take the engine out, and now I have the engine back in the chassis but the bike wont start. Im kicking it and kicking it and I get nothing. I checked the spark plug and there isn't a drop of gas. I tried using starting fluid and I get nothing again. Im at a loss here. Could it be a stuck vavle?
  5. @kxrob the clip was on the 2nd groove from the top and I put it on the top groove
  6. I have a 1999 yz125. I just bought it about a month ago and I brought it home, rode it for 20 minutes, noticed a slight dead spot in it, then the top end went. I put a new top end in it and the dead spot is still there. Ive messed with the air mixture screw and it seems to help a little but not much. Ive also moved the jet needle down so now the clip is on the top of the needle. After I did that, the bike now idles too high even with the idle screw backed all the way out. Any ideas?