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  1. it infact was 1 tooth off timing. is thet enuff to bend a valve?
  2. checking timing it is then thanks.
  3. also. i dont see how timing woukd change. i plan on checking. but how woukd timing change if i never messed with anything other then the cam cap?
  4. as you can see the cap was wleded previousley. and they had about a half a pound of permanent lock tight in the threads so when i lppsened it. it broke the cap. im not sure what changed.
  5. other day i was riding my dirtbike (05 rmz250) and i noticed a little bit of oil leaking from the valve cover. upon inspection found a slight break in my gasket. so i went to remove the 2 valve cover bolts and what do ya know the intake cam capbreaks in the middle when i try loosen the bolt. long story short i replace the cam cap and put it back together. and now it wont start. doesnt even attempt to start. it ran great before it broke. and it was not running when it broke. so something happened when i swapped the cap.
  6. im iso a 2005 intake cam cap. i only need the cap. no bolts or anything. in good shape. will pay with paypale asap. thanks.
  7. i bumped it to get other opinions. wasn't wasting any time. and i have no problem turning wrenches. i got this dirtbike in a crate of parts. also i took what yiuguys said and rebuilt the carb. guess what! it runs perfect now. still needs some minor tuning. but that i will do once winter passes.
  8. i am parting out a 1995 cr125. can ship on your dime. let me know what you need ill give ya a price. im located in michigan but like i said i will ship.
  9. sprry located in michigan but i will pay for shipping. no mine is fine but i like to have a spare top end to minamize down time that way i can ride while one is getting redone.
  10. in search for a 2002 kx250 cylinder.
  11. no because it goes into the ports. if ya know the name post it otherwise dont comment
  12. awesome. i just need the name of the chemical. i think its muriatic acid but not sure
  13. yes your right im just trying to figure out what chemical they use to do it.
  14. i have all the equipment to do the work my self. normally work on engine blocks. before i can bore this cylinder i have to remove the nikasil because its to hard to cut. so me doing my own work on it no its not cheaper for a new cylinder its a 02 kx250 btw
  15. to late.