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  1. Ok I'll do that right when I get off work. Another think I read was it could've a little ball at the base of the rod that goes I the middle of the basket, could that be it? And also, I'm able to switch between all gears while it's off, starts in neutral, depress the clutch lever to go into first gear and right when it gets there it stalls
  2. I didn't soak them, but I took them out and just re installed them. They were still a little oily but were sitting on a rag on the shelf for a god week so perhaps I just need to soak them more? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, jut did a bottom end on my 04 yz 250, and the clutch won't engage. What I mean by this is it will start in neutral, and once I drop it into first (with the ever pulled) it stalls out. When I depress my clutch lever the actuator is fully engaged, so I don't see that being the issue, I've read that sometimes after you take out or put in clutch plates they stick because oil hasn't flowed through the plates all the way yet. I'm at a loss, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  4. There isn't any up and down play, I'd like t avoid splitting the case if there's a chance that I can just desire oil. But I also wanna do it right so if I gotta split the case I guess you gotta do what you gotta do
  5. Hey guys, this may or may not sound like a no brainer, but it's my first top end rebuild to any help is appreciated. Over the weekend I was riding and lost a lot of compression and my bike bogged out and wouldn't start afterwards, however it had free motion when I would kick it (no grinding sounds and it wasn't seized). So I tore it down and came to find out that my piston had broken along the side and I pulled some chunks of metal out of the cylinder. My question is, do I need t take a part the whole bottom end and look for metal or could I just drain the oil and it will all come out. The crank and connecting rod revolve smoothly so it doesn't feel like any displaced metal is hindering anything, but I don't know I've never done this. Cylinder bore is still smooth no gauges or nothing, but the head looks peppered a little (tiny dots everywhere) would I need to get it re finished? Thanks in advance!
  6. I don't know too much about carbs so I don't quite know wat you mean by when my float was set. But I'll be in 70-90 degree weather and elevation of around 1200
  7. Hey I was just wondering if anyone could help me with jetting specs and proper premix ratio. I have a 2004 yz250 2 stroke with v force reeds, and a pro circuit fatty pipe. Mostly trail ride and hill climb with some track activity. Was wondering if anyone e could shed some light because it seems like I'm running super rich. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  8. Lol it wasn't planned! It's on my nightstand, I use it for change! I didn't even realize it was that perfect of a shot lol
  9. So if all it needs to do is hold something in place I can leave it there because a part of the case cover goes over the head to where it couldn't fall out. It's just loose. Does it retain any fluids? Because I seem to remember it leaking out of there but I'm not 100% sure
  10. It's a 2004 yz250
  11. Also it was leaking from that bolt head
  12. SmowMule that would be a coffee mug with a pair of tits on it! And David C, you don't think it should be threaded into anything?
  13. Anyone know what bolt this is? I have attached the picture of the bolt and where it goes. Damaged threads or is it supposed to be like that? It wasn't threaded into anything it was just loose in the hole.