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  1. 250ktm250

    250 EXC loading up down low

    hi guys I have an 04 250 exc and when I lug it it likes to load up and fatten up, someone suggested a float bowl gasket but I'm thinking jetting?
  2. 250ktm250

    free Sticker? Decals?

    anyone still doing this in 2016/2017?
  3. 250ktm250

    My son had a pretty good Chrstmas 2017 KTM 150 XC-W

    sweet, lucky kid. Safe rides for him...
  4. 250ktm250

    2001 kx125, good bike?

    they're a good 125, most 125s are all pretty good bikes, that's cheap. if its clean go for it.
  5. 250ktm250

    free stickers?

    I know I'll get hazed for it but I'm just wondering if y'all know how to get any free stickers? ive sent sases and got some and heard you can email some company's and they'll send some? just let me know. Thanks guys! I'm just looking for some to put on tool boxes and what not.
  6. 250ktm250

    Slip on exhaust vs Full system Exhaust

    on a 4 stroke I don't think either will do much but on a two stroke they don't add HP but change the curve and delivery slightly but noticeably