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  1. Ercflyer

    2009 ktm 65sx carb issues

    Bought my son a used 09 65sx. It has a stock Mikuni tm24. The bike also has vforce reeds and fmf full exhaust. It does have a rekluse core clutch as well. I changed the jets out from 210/15 stock to a 220/25 tusk kit with a new needle. I can get it to idle but it climbs in rpms and then falls back off. When the throttle is blipped hard it was settle back down and stall. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned it thoroughly and triple checked all the parts to be correct. The idle screw is bottomed out and the only way I can get the idle up is to adjust the throttle cable at the handlebars by putting tension on the cable. Needle is on second clip per instructions. Any advice would be appreciated. I can take it to a nearby ktm shop but he is about a month behind right now so I’d like to get it sorted before then. I’m wondering if I could just swap it out for a vm24 round body carb. These flat slide carbs seem to be very temperamental
  2. I’m looking to see if I can swap out any plastics from a 2008-up 250 xc-w to my 2007. It already had a rear fender/number plates combo from a newer bike on it. I’d like to swap the shrouds. Any advice. Here’s a pic of the bike
  3. Ercflyer

    2013 ktm 350xc-f stalling

    It was the tps. Set it at .68 vdc at idle and it is running great
  4. Ercflyer

    2013 ktm 350xc-f stalling

    It’s turned up just a touch How do I get to the In tank filter
  5. Ercflyer

    2013 ktm 350xc-f stalling

    Cleaned filter and injector. No change
  6. Ercflyer

    2013 ktm 350xc-f stalling

    The inline filter looked good. Haven’t been into it that deep to clean the injector
  7. I have a ‘13 350 xcf and I am having issues with it stalling when in gear at low rpms. It has a rekluse exp core and fmf megabomb pipe with a 4.1 carbon muffler. As far as I can tell the rekluse is adjusted properly and the free play gain is set within spec. When in gear and the throttle is blipped it will pop and die. I’ve read about it possibly being the TPS needing adjusted. I have also increased the idle some which does help. I can deal with it when riding normal flat terrain but it’s a PITA when doing slow speed technical hill climbs though. Any advice would be appreciated
  8. Ercflyer

    Looking at a 2011 350xc-f. Help!

    Ending up getting a 13 350xc-f. Owned by an older guy and lower hours
  9. Ercflyer

    Looking at a 2011 350xc-f. Help!

    That’s kinda what I’m thinking. The price is not discount enough to make me feel good about it. Regular oil changes and air filter changes only buy you so much time
  10. I’m planning on looking at a 2011 350xc-f from a local guy. All looks great in the pics but he was very honest and told me it had 400 + hours on it and never been rebuilt. He said he has the maintenance records showing where it has been checked yearly for valve adjustments and it never has been out of spec. I’m just nervous about spending the money on a bike that has that kind of time on it. Talked to the KTM dealer it was bought and serviced at and he told me not to worry about that and that he knows the bike well and it’s never had any symptoms of needing work done. It’s a small shop and the owner/mechanic knows most everyone’s bike inside and out. Any advice from guys in the know would be appreciated
  11. Ercflyer

    Sprocket suggestions

    I have a 2013 150 xc with fmf fatty exhaust and v force reeds. I currently have a 13 front sprocket and 49 rear. I'm looking for some more bottom end torque to help with hill climbs. Any suggestions on which way to go on sprocket changes?
  12. Ercflyer

    Help with new purchase

    I have a 400sx racing right now but it's too much weight for me to throw around in tight tracks
  13. Ercflyer

    Help with new purchase

    I'm looking at buying a newer used KTM two stroke. I'm 155lbs 6'0". I found a few 125sx and a few 150xc. I'm looking for mostly woods riding maybe occasionally hitting the track but not competitive. Just fun riding. Any ideas on which direction to go? I've read a lot of pros and cons for everything from the 125 up to 300.
  14. I just changed the fork oil and seals in my forks today on my 01 400 sx racing. I noticed when I was finding out where the rebound and compression settings were before I disassembled it. Left fork was out 30 clicks, right was at zero for compression and both rebound adjusters was both tightened all the way down. I thought that was strange. Maybe the previous owner was compensating for a leak by tightening them down. Anyways, I digress, does anyone know the stock number of clicks for these? They are WP usd 43mm forks. Any help would be appreciated