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  1. I know this has been beat to death already, but I was wondering if there was anyone who has experience with similar upgrades and tuning their yzf's for a beefy bottom. I have: High Comp Piston Full To 4.1/Megabomb Cyrcra Power flow Radiator Shrouds I run straight vp 110 And I have stock gearing. I used a map I found on here, I think from yamaha for use with a gytr ported head and exhaust, and the bike revs forever. It's really fast on top, but has a newfound bog on the bottom. I would be willing to sacrifice a little top to get a beefier bottom. I ride at Dade City a lot, and I prefer to run my corners in 3rd, and go right into the jumps that are right out of the corner. I may have to try to start riding a gear lower and clear those first jumps in 2nd. I would just like some opinions on getting a crisper response at 1/8 throttle. Thank you!