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  1. Well I finally got my rebuild kit and got it put back together. Now its back in the bike and it won't start. I smell gas and there's a few drops coming from the bottom but it just cranks and cranks. I'm pretty sure I put it back together correctly but it took over a month for the rebuild kit to get to me (customs held it for 28 days....) So I'm not 100% sure. Any help would be nice, if really like to not take it out again haha
  2. Looks like a rebuild kit is in-store. Is $80 a good price? Found it on eBay for that. I've been trying to find all of the different vaccum hoses as well. They are so it never bogs down on a hard landing or over hard terrain. I'm still trying to find the correct petcock. I need one that clears the welded seem on the tank that is vacuum operated.
  3. I need to replace my petcock for one that clears the seam welded flange on the tank. What's my best option that will work best for the fcr 39? Its a 2002 drz400s.
  4. What jetting should I go with for a full fmf powerbomb system, 3x3 mod, and a twin air air filter? Located in central wisconsin. About 500-700 ft elevation.
  5. I'm really happy. It feels like the suspension is set up for a 220lbs rider compared to the stock sm I had. I weigh close to 260lbs so I think ill still need to respring and valve it. I rode it for a weekend last spring and I remember it being pretty strong, I can't wait to get back on the trails as soon as most of the snow (mainly ice) clears up so I can throw some mud!
  6. Got it last weekend. Put it all together and it runs beautifully!!! Can't wait to see what adventures I have with it!
  7. What should I be jetted at for my 02 drz400s with the 3x3 mod and full fmf exhaust? Also where can I buy a jet kit and new fuel hoses for it. Thanks
  8. Well I got the bike. I've ordered a new fuel petcock (yami raptor 660 petcock). Now id like to order a jet kit for the fcr39 carb as well as new fuel lines for it. And a new fuel filter. Does anyone have any suggestions on which ones to get? And where?
  9. That's what I was thinking
  10. He was in the process of getting a new one. It was on a table along with 2 sets of plastics and 2 tanks (one is a plastic baja one).
  11. Is the carb a keihin fcr 39?
  12. I'm buying it from a friend. I've ridden the bike quite a bit. When snow hit he was going to bbk it but lost interest
  13. So I'm buying this for $1000. It has 13k miles and it runs well. All it needs is tires, battery, and a new petcock. Do you guys think its a good deal? I've had a 06 drz400sm but didnt know everything I Should be about it. Lwk if there's anything I should look for on it. Btw thus is my first post so be nice haha.