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  1. Have sorted it grounded wire from neutral switch starts with clutch in only now
  2. So to me it seems for some reason my bike needs to have clutch in AND neutral selected instead of Clutch in OR neutral really weird. So I think to get the same solution as you I would have to disable the neutral switch so that I would only then have to pull the clutch in to start in gear because clutch in would be meet and neutral would be defeated therefore start. With clutch disabled still would see in gear therefore no start.
  3. Yeah it's really odd the bike will not start in neutral with the clutch out has to be in.
  4. I agree yes has a wire from clutch lever but will only start in neutral AND clutch in!
  5. Hi all I want to bridge out the neutral switch on my bike to allow starting in gear. Any suggestions how to do this I believe the relay associated with it is under the left hand side rear cover (when seated on bike) Can I just cut the wire, if so which one?
  6. Hi This maybe a dumb question but was speaking to a friend of mine today (who also has 2016 WR450) and his bike starts in gear with the clutch pulled in, however only had my bike about a week and pretty sure it will only start in neutral and has to have clutch pulled in as well! I would check but my bike is 4500kms away. Thanks