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    Dies immediately at WOT

    Ok you guys. I cleaned and re gapped the spark plug. Cleaned the carb and all the jets. Cleaned the fuel tank out. Turned the idle speed up to like 1,600 - 1,700 rpm. There was bit of build up inside of the pilot jet and in a few other places. Its running much better now, but i can still make it cut off by revving it hard. However its much more difficult. Im adjusting the rpm by ear. Im a noob to this kind of stuff, so i just watched youtube videos and tried to replicate the idle speed. Does the idle speed sound correct? Is there a way to view RPM on the instument panel? If i raise the idle speed higher, when its revved up, it won't return immediately back to the idle speed. It will pause at a higher rpm then fall back to idle. Thanks for all the help you guys. Any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Phuzy_nutz

    Dies immediately at WOT

    Will update as soon as i test the stator. First motorcycle still acquiring proper gear. Does not recover, Does not bog, Dies as if i hit a kill switch. Im going to do this eventually. Wanted to put it off until i do a 3x3 and an exhaust so i could just go ahead and rejet. After i test the stator and take a look at the spark plug, I'll go ahead and pull it. Inching forward in traffic will make it die a lot. Small blips in the throttle will make it happen as well. Other than that it rides fine. It idles slightly inconsistently. I will update as soon as i test some stuff. I'm 50% wanting to document this with a Drz, as i couldn't find anything specific to this. Thank you guys.
  3. Phuzy_nutz

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2006)


    Hooligan machine. Not a rocketship, but it's SO MUCH FUN!
  4. Phuzy_nutz

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2006

    Hooligan machine. Not a rocketship, but it's SO MUCH FUN!
  5. Phuzy_nutz

    Dies immediately at WOT

    2006 DRZ400SM 100% stock. 3,700 miles At operating temperature i rev it up to 7,000rpm then let off and let it return to idle, then immediately go wide open throttle (reving the bike). As soon as i go WOT i dies. Does not cut or bog. It immediately cuts off as if i hit a kill switch. I have checked the air box and everything is clean. Even did the test again without the air filter on, same results. Ran out of fuel a few days ago and had to switch to reserve. Thought that maybe there is trash is the jets, but i would figure it would bog or just be hesitant at WOT. Im just trying to avoid pulling the carb for no reason. Just bought the bike 150 miles ago. Any ideas?