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    yz 250 79 trick parts questions

    Exactly, I mean the kickstart lever. I saw some people have an aluminum kickstarter on their 79 model. I think I'm just gonne buy a 83 model kickstart and see what i can do. And about the reed. Im not talking about the boot, its fine. Im talking about the bottom side of the reed case, original there is rubber to have a proper seal with the reeds. But i was hoping someone could tell me which year fits in the 79 model.
  2. Cesarvanrongen

    yz 250 79 trick parts questions

    Hi I'm buildig a yz 250 79 to do some vintage racing (I'm dutch so please don't kill me for my English). I saw some people running a v-force on this model, my reed block is kind of dryed out so i was thinking about an v-force. Does anyone know which year i could use? The second thing is Im making the bike a bit lighter. I replaced a lot already but now I want to loose that heavy steel kick start. I saw some people having a 83 aluminum kickstart on their bike, how does this work? Should i make some changes on the kick start boss or the axle? Thanks! Cesar