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    Help finding a dealership or a Yz250x

    Right on schmo. I'm going to get the 2017 KTM XC-W. I don't even know what i was thinking actually. I been riding KTM's my whole life. Coming from a 525EXC. I just couldn't jump the EXC like i could my KX250. I need that 220 pound bike back. Nothing in the world like it. So, does anyone know a good KTM dealer. LOL For real though i'm just going to call around till i find the one willing to give me the best deal.
  2. Hi all, new here on Thumper talk and wondering if i could take a moment of your time. I've been riding for a awhile and i've always purchased my bikes from private sellers. My problem is the bike i want is rare and most likely can only be purchased from a dealer. I'm looking for a 2016 Yz250X. A 2-stoke designed not completely for racing but for trail riding. My issues is my local dealerships are terrible. I live in northern California. No deals, no negotiations, no hand shakes. Just cut throat we don't need you attitude. I cannot justify giving these people my money when they don't even give a ****. I also live in Las vegas where i'll be doing most of my riding. Can anyone recommend a dealership in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho that is willing to work with me on saving a little money? I've heard of people going to Idaho to buy Polaris RZR's at a decent more reasonable price. I'm looking for a situation like that. I'm not looking to cheap out, or low ball anyone and i understand that people have a living to make. I just feel that there should be balance and I'm hoping the day of negotiation and hand shakes aren't completely gone. Any advise would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for the help. James