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  1. JustinGore88

    6'3 200lbs on a 250f???

    I've ridden plenty of 250fs and at 215lbs I never wanted more power. Especially to start racing again. 450 can get you into trouble too quick.
  2. JustinGore88


    What a beauty! Love that look
  3. Night and day different the 250t will have way more power all around. The 125 has almost no power till you hit the high rpms. 250f has great power all over the power curve making hen far easier to ride.
  4. JustinGore88

    The 150 Club

    Hey man! The KDX has more bottom end but the 150 will scream up top. Great in the woods and the suspension will take heavier hits for sure. If you get a xcw it will be similar to the kdx being alittle softer. The xc and sx bikes will be stiffer and more race ready. All them are awesome and that little motor pulls my 215lb ass around with no problem. I ride woods and have a 150sx. Hope this helped!
  5. 250 is your easiest bet they are simple to ride. The 125 in my opinion will be more fun and make you a better rider however.
  6. JustinGore88

    The 150 Club

    That's terrible man! I've had zero issues with mine but it's also a 15
  7. JustinGore88

    The 150 Club

    I've never heard of any whatsoever. I'd talk to your dealer if you had problems with a tranny in a bike that new
  8. JustinGore88

    2017 ktm 150sx singletrack

    I'm 215lb and 6 2 with a 150sx. Hauls me around just fine!
  9. JustinGore88

    2017 ktm 150sx singletrack

    Looks like fun! Hoping to get my 2015 150sx out to some pa singletrack Sunday. So much fun
  10. JustinGore88

    Can't ride with boots!

    I know the feeling I'm going through the same thing so I'll see what people tell you! I have a very hard time breaking like I can't flex my ankle enough or something. I also catch neutral a lot. Maybe I bought the wrong boots I got some O'Neals for 100 bucks. Good luck!
  11. There you go. Good luck hope you find what you need
  12. Where you type what kind of bike you have it should say shop OEM or shop aftermarket under it. I'll see if I can find where I saw OEM
  13. Try Motorsport.com They sell OEM or aftermarket stuff for ktms. I buy lots off of them and they have excellent customer service.
  14. JustinGore88

    The 150 Club

    I have a 15 150sx and it had more bottom end then a 125. Not a ton more but the bike pulll considerably harder throughout the power and.