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    Taming/detuning yz 85

    Did you buy a used kx carb as suggested or order those parts separately and instal on your existing carb?
  2. Matador1

    Taming/detuning yz 85

    I found some older threads on this but wanted to get specific. I bought a bike that was used by a kid sponsored by Sakai so it is hot. Here's what I know I have fmf fattty with shorty silencer, V3 Reeds, 13/49 sprockets. The power and on this bike is too much for my 11 year old. Here's what Ive told to do to tame it some. *Retard timing * swap shorty silencer for the longer powercore * go to a 47 tooth rear sprocket * go to stock reeds Any thoughts on these? Any additional suggestions?