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  1. Apollo Rider

    ATF in 1999 rm250 gearbox?

    The clutch on my RM isn’t grabby at all. Its really smooth and good. ATF seems to be doing just fine.
  2. Apollo Rider

    2000 RM125 clutch wont engage

    Is the mainshaft where the front sprocket goes on stripped out? My old kdx did the same thing as that. And i got a completly new clutch for it, tranny was fine, and it turned out that the mainshaft was stripped out. Take of the chain and front sprocket and check.
  3. Apollo Rider

    ATF in 1999 rm250 gearbox?

    Just picked up a 1999 rm250 yesterday and was wondering if automatic transmission fluid would be ok to run in the gearbox.
  4. Apollo Rider

    Castrol 10w 30 in 1995 kdx 200 tranny?

    Thats what ive been using. I used bel ray 80w 85 transmission fluid after the rebuild but got really tired of paying $15 for a quart of oil, when i was using the castrol without issues
  5. Just wondering is using Castrol 10w 30 motor oil would be bad in a kdx 200 transmission. Ive been using Castrol 10w 40 with no issues for summer riding and raced harescrambles with it, no issues. Now in kansas it went from 50-60 degree weather to 30s in a week, so I thought id go for a slightly lighter weight oil.
  6. Apollo Rider

    Is a yz400f a reliable bike?

    So I have a chance to get a 1998 yz400f and a friend of my grandfather, whos a mechanic and works on bikes. (Rebuilt my kdx engine) He said i should stay away because its the first year they made these bikes and parts are expensive and hard to find. I went online and found a lot of commonly needed parts and some of the lesser ones. A top end kit isnt nearly as much as id thought. ($170) So should I check this bike out and possibly get it or am I wasting my time?
  7. Apollo Rider

    1998 yz400f compression test

    Anyone know a good psi range for a 1998 yz400f?
  8. Apollo Rider

    1995 kdx 200 compression specs

    Finally did a compression check on my bike. 139 psi, seems pretty good to me for my bikes 2nd piston over the span of 23 years
  9. Apollo Rider

    Kdx 200 plug after 3 days

    The plug type is an NGK Br8es
  10. Apollo Rider

    Kdx 200 plug after new pipe and tune

  11. So I swapped my FMF Turbincore2 pipe with this ISDE pipe by FMF and i checked the plug after a ride and it looks much better, the center color looks much better, i adjusted the air screw and let a little more air in to compensate for the rich mixture, throttle response is better, its not as smoky out of the pipe, and no more bog when u get on the throttle
  12. Apollo Rider

    kdx200 every gear acts like neutral

    Thats exactly what happened to my kdx. Riding one day and BOOM every gear was neutral, it was the countershaft splines, stripped right off, had to split the cases to swap it out, had a lot more work done to it so im kinda happy it happened lol
  13. Apollo Rider

    Kx125 won’t start

    Did you have a shop rebuild it?
  14. Apollo Rider

    Kdx 200 plug after 3 days

    After about 3 days of riding or 3-4 gallons of gas this is what my plug looks like. Seems rich huh?
  15. Apollo Rider

    Kdx 200 jetting

    Ive never messed with the jetting on my kdx and I need to, but not sure what jet to use or how to jet. I dont know what i have in it right now. The bike runs a little rich from what i can tell, I adjusted the air screw a while back and it helped a little bit, im afraid if I mess with the air screw anymore and not swap the jetting i could mess the bike up and it not running right. I know its probably pretty easy i just have zero clue on what to do, the carb is probably the only thing Ive never messed with on my bike. The plug whenever i clean it is always dark and a little wet on the outside. The center insulator is not quite as dark as the outside. Im just afraid if i change it I’ll make it run lean and blow an engine, thats why Ive just left it alone.