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  1. My shifter lever and rear break petal and maybe a couple of parts on my bike show heavy signs of wear (paint is rubbed off from use overtime) and Id like to get a can of soray paint just to touch them up to look a little better. Anybody know what kind of spray paint would match them the best? Same color as swing arm and engine
  2. Alright cool I’ll get a compression tester sometime soon and check it out
  3. So on my kdx Ive been curious as to how my top-end has been doing. The bike has only had 2 owner prior to me (I have bill’s of sale and paperwork) and its on its second piston and rings, but have no clue when it was last changed. So Im thinking about buying a compression tester and seeing what it is. Does anybody know the psi in-spec range on a 1995 kdx 200? Dont get me wrong the bike runs great and makes great power, kicks over like a mule and doesnt disappoint. But a 23 year old bike having only 1 other piston in its life is a little funky, especially for a 2-stroke
  4. The pipe isnt dented, havent taken the pipe off since rebuild, copper crush gasket should be fine
  5. Yea i put brand new springs on when i had the engine work done
  6. I had a ton of engine work done about 3 months ago and replaced the copper ring and the o-rings for the exhaust port, i didnt tear or stretch the o-rings they should be fine
  7. So on my kdx i recently noticed a fair amount of oil running down from my exhaust port by the pipe. Is it a bad thing? When the bike is running you can see a visible exhaust leak, yet there is premix oil coming from it. Is it bad? If so how do i fix it? (Yes i know i need to wash the bike badly) its been cold and rainy lately so havent been able to)
  8. We checked some things out and my rotor isnt warped, the brakes work fine, im pretty sure i had wayyyy to much constant pressure on the lever, no free play. I liked it sensitive and now i have free play and they work fine, but yea i have no clue last time the caliper were serviced
  9. Still havent figured it out, had to open bleeder valve to let off the pressure
  10. So i was riding my kdx, not even 1/4 mile away from my house when my front brakes started to tighten up. I didnt even touch the lever once today but they started to lock and now the front wheel is completly seized. Any idea on what happened? Pads still have half their life left and caliper is aligned correctly. I have no clue what happened and now im stranded. Any ideas?
  11. I know this is really old bit the problem was my mainshaft stripped out, had to split the cases and replace it
  12. I have a full fmf system on it, freshly packed pipe, just had the powervalve cleaned, and when it was in the shop they informed me the previous owner had it ported
  13. Is there any cheap and easy things i could do to my Kdx to increase power?
  14. Yea go to a doctor and get that checked out, never should wait with knee injuries especially if the pain persists for months
  15. ttr’s have been known for that clicking sound