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  1. wrsanford

    Pw50 throttle cable replacement.

  2. wrsanford

    Pw50 throttle cable replacement.

    Bought full new cable set up for my pw50. How the heck are you supposed to get the cables INTO the carb!!!!!! One fits through the little snorkel at the top of the carb the other..... nope.
  3. wrsanford

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    No snow. Puddles were iced but just a thin film. Winter is coming is a better statement. If I remember it’s right by ez valley connector. It was written in sharpie.
  4. wrsanford

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    Tooler, Bens, Kim and Monica’s, Marty’s and a slew of others. Officially winter at walker. Slop where you think, the usual spots have their water.... coyote was actually pretty fun to run today.
  5. wrsanford

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    I’ll be there in the am..... tundra with a wr250
  6. wrsanford

    GYTR FMF full + AIS removal 2012 WR250F

    Just get the jd kit and an adjustable fuel screw and you’re set
  7. wrsanford

    Mid pipe exhaust leak 2001 Wr250f

    Go get a tube of hi temp gasket maker (or whatever it’s called) used it for similar situation on mine and works great
  8. Why can’t I find aftermarket clutch and brake levers with perches from ASV? I swear I must be dense so if someone could toss out the part numbers that fit..... that would be rad
  9. wrsanford

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    The she in question is my wife. We were up there with two kids under 5 having a great time. She was taking a ride down to the 1350 trail on the main roads and just got turned around. Seriously simple stuff but man. If there was a good side..... I rallied about 5 of the trails in the area faster than I ever have. Adrenaline is amazing.... and for that matter so are our rangers and wilderness firefighters.
  10. Learned a valuable lesson this last week up at manastash. Never ever skip the small stuff. Wife went to find the lake and a 30min trip turned into 7hrs and almost a search and rescue effort. No pack, no map, no water. One wrong turn and she was done. We got very lucky but it could have been bad. Pack your maps, don’t go it alone, have your kit and water. Easy stuff to look past.... it just happens so quick.
  11. wrsanford

    Morrow County OHV

    Thank you for the heads up!!!!
  12. wrsanford

    Morrow County OHV

    Heading down next week for a few day.... full family trip. I’ll be able to sneak out for some of the good stuff on my own. Any trails recommended? Any other thoughts on morrow county ohv? Keep in mind I’ll have the wife and 3 and 5 year olds all on bikes
  13. wrsanford

    Walker valley upper rock pit

    Trying to get my kids out on the bikes.... I’ve never found upper rock pit except just randomly. Anyone know if I can get relatively close with my truck? If so what main lines get me there?
  14. wrsanford

    Local Graphics company

    Yup copied the snot outta that thing
  15. wrsanford

    Local Graphics company

    Went with elite...... here’s the proof Ready on tuesday