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  1. Yup copied the snot outta that thing
  2. Went with elite...... here’s the proof Ready on tuesday
  3. Odi’s are too hard.... moose makes lock on’s that are just right.
  4. Pm sent.
  5. Any options besides vision, fusion or chaos!?
  6. I think it’s clutch time.... on a poker run this weekend, with new oil it was more difficult to shift. Neutral tough to find as well. from searching this doesn’t sound like drag? Any up to date advice
  7. Thanks man!
  8. Got the suspension completely redone on my bike and had the baseline set for single track woods riding. Was noticing last weekend that it felt soft at higher speeds / whoops..... riding the dirty poker run this weekend, im wondering if i would benefit from a little tweaking on the clickers. Any suggestions? Im new to suspension tuning and there is a ton out there on motocross but i am having a tough time cross applying to a desert scenario. Thanks
  9. Just did tubliss a month ago on a tire set with 7 rides on it. Used slime as other have suggested and it worked fine. Word to the wise..... get big spoons lots of slime and the bead buddy. Follow all of the instructions to a t
  10. 2015 5.7 with tow package. Attitude 21’ Here’s my take. The tundra pulls fine, if you are going up a mountain pass you’re dropping down to 3rd (yes I have the 4.30 gears). The turnoff for this set up is you’re going to at best get 6-8mpg. Up the pass....... 3.
  11. 2 rides on new set up. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t just chalking it up to excitement. Being new to this whole sport I didn’t know any better. If I’m being honest I got the suspension done because I really just wanted to pump some funds into the bike. Best money spent ever. My bike can now be described as a Velcro caterpillar. It soaks up the little stuff that used to toss me around, and is generally way more forgiving. I now know how a “whoop” is supposed to feel I’d happily spend the money again.
  12. Washington

    Any reports from today? Thinking of going Sunday am.
  13. Why the throttle tube still?
  14. What is the general consensus on the odi lock ons? Feeling wise the emig version feels a little hard but the rogue is nice. Would like to know more about the feeling of the throttle with these vs a good quality tube with standard grip set up