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  1. The she in question is my wife. We were up there with two kids under 5 having a great time. She was taking a ride down to the 1350 trail on the main roads and just got turned around. Seriously simple stuff but man. If there was a good side..... I rallied about 5 of the trails in the area faster than I ever have. Adrenaline is amazing.... and for that matter so are our rangers and wilderness firefighters.
  2. Learned a valuable lesson this last week up at manastash. Never ever skip the small stuff. Wife went to find the lake and a 30min trip turned into 7hrs and almost a search and rescue effort. No pack, no map, no water. One wrong turn and she was done. We got very lucky but it could have been bad. Pack your maps, don’t go it alone, have your kit and water. Easy stuff to look past.... it just happens so quick.
  3. Thank you for the heads up!!!!
  4. Heading down next week for a few day.... full family trip. I’ll be able to sneak out for some of the good stuff on my own. Any trails recommended? Any other thoughts on morrow county ohv? Keep in mind I’ll have the wife and 3 and 5 year olds all on bikes
  5. Trying to get my kids out on the bikes.... I’ve never found upper rock pit except just randomly. Anyone know if I can get relatively close with my truck? If so what main lines get me there?
  6. Yup copied the snot outta that thing
  7. Went with elite...... here’s the proof Ready on tuesday
  8. Odi’s are too hard.... moose makes lock on’s that are just right.
  9. Pm sent.
  10. Any options besides vision, fusion or chaos!?
  11. I think it’s clutch time.... on a poker run this weekend, with new oil it was more difficult to shift. Neutral tough to find as well. from searching this doesn’t sound like drag? Any up to date advice
  12. Thanks man!
  13. Got the suspension completely redone on my bike and had the baseline set for single track woods riding. Was noticing last weekend that it felt soft at higher speeds / whoops..... riding the dirty poker run this weekend, im wondering if i would benefit from a little tweaking on the clickers. Any suggestions? Im new to suspension tuning and there is a ton out there on motocross but i am having a tough time cross applying to a desert scenario. Thanks
  14. Just did tubliss a month ago on a tire set with 7 rides on it. Used slime as other have suggested and it worked fine. Word to the wise..... get big spoons lots of slime and the bead buddy. Follow all of the instructions to a t
  15. 2015 5.7 with tow package. Attitude 21’ Here’s my take. The tundra pulls fine, if you are going up a mountain pass you’re dropping down to 3rd (yes I have the 4.30 gears). The turnoff for this set up is you’re going to at best get 6-8mpg. Up the pass....... 3.