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  1. 919.English

    KX125 wont start?? Help!

    and what i meant by good compression is by foot/hand so im not gonna rely on my hands wisdom... thanks for reading and looking guys i really appreciate it!!
  2. 919.English

    KX125 wont start?? Help!

    uh oh. compression is 111 haha. time for a new topend i guess...
  3. i have a very beautiful 2004 kx125, i picked it up a few months ago and when i got to the guys place to check it out, he started it by foot like normal and i rode it around the yard and about 500 feet i went and brrrrrrrr it fouled the plug??? but it was 1800$ so i was like heck with it im still getting it to the looks of the condition and claimed recent rebuild. i took it home and we replaced the spark plug and we had to bumpstart it this time. again 500 feet and brrrr fouled. this bike has a BRAND NEW mikuni carbourator OEM with jetting and airscrew position on point, Timing is perfect, i even tried advancing and retarding the timing, still nothing. i put it back in its normal position though. Reeds are good. no gasket leeks. good compresion. spark plug is BR9EIX NGK. it gets a spark, its getting gas, its getting air. when i try and start it, it back fires sometimes a loud pop. carb should be out of question, timing should be out of question. what else is there to check? i have talked to a few people saying it might be either, crank seals, or the stator. but i have NO IDEA of what to do. please help me i know u guys might know what to do, im 15 and trying to get into mechanics and i try to be the best mechanic i could possibly be with my hard earned tools. 4/1/17 ill be checking on any comments or suggestions every 8 hours or so. and i also dont want to buy new parts for the bike that it doesnt need. Thanks for reading! give me your best shot, I accept any help!
  4. 919.English

    HELP! Why does my dirt bike sound like this?

    thats the link
  5. first things first, this bike is a Honda crf250r 2008 I was messing around with the carb and stuff(cleaning it), but i put everything back how it was in reverse order, it ran COMPLETELY fine for about 2 hours, and now i started it up after about 1 hour of cool down time and then it started having a popping sound. at constant 4k rpm rev it had a lot of black and white smoke, i was wondering what could i do to fix this problem so i don't freak out about, i want to go out and ride bad but idk whats wrong with it... i also checked the engine oil and it is a light brown color or sort of milky i guess... If you know or think whats going on about it please lmk. Thanks for reading.