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    I got the factory rear is that the one u got
  2. brad1482


    I need the skid plate and radiator guard and the sprocket
  3. And was told pdf are illegal on manuals but if u can then I will
  4. Already did jump the pump it works and relay works jumped it can't get power from the cdi
  5. I'm not getting power to the relay I still ain't got my service manual yet still waiting wiring is right I think the cdi is bad but not positive how to check I'm just going to order one just wanting to ride lol when I get it running I don't care if it's 2 degrees I'm riding it as soon as it starts
  6. I got my new switch and harness installed from where it got stole and finally got it back and it still won't power the fuel pump and coil for spark turn on switch turn on cut off and push the start and it turns over but no fuel and no fire on the speedometer where it shows how much fuel it flash from middle and fills up then repeats no mater how much fuel is in it please help I'm ready to ride again it's been a while since it got took and really excited to get back on the trails
  7. brad1482

    Cops finally found my 2015 crf 250l

    Thanks for all the help I think ur right didn't know they were that cheap I'm waiting on that and the service manual to come in now thanks again
  8. brad1482

    Cops finally found my 2015 crf 250l

    I was just trying to make sure it would still run before I put anymore money done had to buy a new rectifier
  9. brad1482

    Dirt Bike Locks/Security?

    Definitely insurance I had a 2015 crf250l got stole and I thought I was lucky when the cops called and said they had my bike but after I got it they had cut all the wiring and busted the switch out and I've been spending all my time trying to peice it back together if they want it they will get it only thing is they never even got to ride it lol but it sucks bad
  10. I was happy to hear I was getting back my crf 250l so I thought when I picked it up I seen a mess I guess they couldn't get it to start busted out the switch and went to cutting wires. So I have spent the last week trying to put back all the wires on the bike and the rectifier they cut off for some reason and was trying to see if it is still running I can get it to turn over but I can't get power to the fuel pump coil or the fan the push button was busted so I'm just trying to jumper the wires on the push button got 3 wires on left side that are black with blue stripe that were cut also don't know where they went but traced them to coil and switch other goes to the fuel line at injector tried putting them together and still nothing and fuel display is flashing from the middle then fills then empties and repeats