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  1. Jimmy250F

    YZ250F Weep Hole Leak

    Lovely I will do that then thanks. Also another question unrelated, the bike is pretty easy to kick over compression feels pretty low, if you get on the compression stroke it usually kicks first time with a hard kick, sometimes can be difficult to start, would this be valves out of adjustment possibly?
  2. Jimmy250F

    YZ250F Weep Hole Leak

    Lovely thanks mate so make sure the gears are meshed together as cover goes back on? I'm sure I'll manage! If there is any wear on the shaft anything I can do to that at home to smooth it out? As I've read about that too
  3. Jimmy250F

    YZ250F Weep Hole Leak

    Thankyou for the replys. So i can't screw a self tapper into the old seal and tug the old seal out grease up shaft and slide new seal on? I read that before somewhere but most people say you need to take cases apart. I've ordered the repair kit so worth changing bearing too? Could you explain the last step about the gear on the crank in some more detail please? Want to ensure I get it right and don't break anything!! TIA
  4. Jimmy250F

    YZ250F Weep Hole Leak

    Hi guys, My 2004 YZ250F decided it didnt want to hold coolant anymore and started spewing out the weep hole, so this tells me the seal behind the water pump shaft has gone, now if I take the water pump cover and impeller off and dig the old seal out an I able to grease up the new seal and carefuly slide it over the shaft? Or do I NEED to remove the side casing etc? Only reason I ask is because I can't get a clutch cover gasket for a couple of weeks due to xmas etc and I'm riding the weekend, is anyone able to shed any light onto this for me? Also what causes this seal to go? My bike got pretty hot on idle the last time I rode it, the header started glowing red so obviously shut it off, could the heat possibly of warped the seal? Thankyou