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  1. Part number for the yfz450 is 5TG-15560-00-00 and the part number for the wr450 is 5TJ-15560-00-00
  2. I have an 09 wr450f. I need the damper assembly and it's so expensive! But I found a bunch on eBay for a yfz450 for real cheap. So your saying it won't fit?
  3. I'm also wondering the same thing. Did you ever figure out if the parts were compatible?
  4. Ok thank you guys for the help!
  5. Would yz450f engine cases fit it? They look very similar
  6. I bought a 09 wr450f as a project bike. The connecting rod snapped on it and theirs a hole blown in the crankcase. I ordered a new piston and crank but I'm wondering if I need a new crankcase or if I can run it like the way it is. I am on a budget so I'd like to not buy a new crankcase but if I need to I will buy one. Pics will be below. (I'm new to TT)