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    NEED HELP! Crf 250x having trouble rolling

    Ok cool. Thank you! Appreciate the help.
  2. james3344

    NEED HELP! Crf 250x having trouble rolling

    Ok thanks for your response. So when I ran it today it was really easy to push while it was running. When I turned it off it was a lot harder to push while in gear but it moved, there was a ton of resistance but it slowly rolled. Is this just because it's still cold?
  3. So I will start with what I did prior to the issue I am now having with my 2004 Honda Crf 250x. The other day I went to replace the clutch lever as the old one was bent out of shape. The replacement seemed to have been fine but after the new lever was on I noticed that if the bike was in 1st gear with the clutch lever pulled in, the bike would not roll. It was as if the lever wasn't pulled in at all. The weird thing is, is if the bike is running it has no problem rolling in first gear with the clutch pulled in. Also I rode it and it seams like the clutch cable is adjusted fine? Does anyone know what could lock up the back wheel in first gear even when the clutch is held in? Any input is appreciated!