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  1. Bikerlibre

    Actual Weight of 350 EXC/500 EXC

    I too was curious about the weights and found that while the 500 seems to have shed weight (2016 - 111.5kg/245.30# ; 2017 - 109kg/239.80#), the 350 has gained weight (2016 - 107.2kg/235.84# ; 2017 - 107.5kg/236.50#). Perhaps the numbers are incorrect? Be nice if the 350 is lighter than last years bike. 2016 350 EXC-F : http://www.ktm.com/us/enduro/350-exc-f/ 2017 350 EXC-F: http://www.ktm.com/us/enduro/350-exc-f-1/
  2. Bikerlibre

    2017 FX 350

    That's some good news guys. With the TrailTech fan only drawing 20w and the system still charging when on, things shouldn't be a problem. My lighting requirements is only to make the bike legal so I'll use low-watt LED's and don't need indicators. I don't need lighting for visual. Currently, my fan comes on at times when I wouldn't be operating my grip heaters so there's no conflict for wattage but stuff happens. The heaters are just really nice to have and I just looked into the specs which show 40w max on high total for the 2 grips so low may be 20w or so. Definitely good news, stevieachi and thanks for looking into that. I wonder why Ricky Stator doesn't just spec-out the total wattage as it'd be less confusing. With the extra output it offers, it's an excellent option.
  3. Bikerlibre

    2017 FX 350

    Thanks Monk. Yeah the EFI uses wattage so not much remaining. Do you run fan, lights? I wonder if the FE dual-sport stator would work. It sounds like you have your bike dialed in. Do you recall what you have the TPS set to? So the changes helped you with the stalling issues right? and is it now stall-proof? How's your clutch pull?
  4. Bikerlibre

    2017 FX 350

    Thanks guys for the excellent input. Since a fan seems to be a must-have, and the stator only throws out so much juice, it makes sense to put in low-wattage light bulbs if lighting is only needed to be legal. I've come across someone who found out the stator is 66 watts which is ok for low-watt lighting and the fan. I'd hope to put grip heaters in as well and would want 100w or so. I've only seen 70w aftermarket ones. Awesome that the bike weight now is on-par now with 2-strokes and that it feels flickable and the suspension is good. The TC sounds fabulous as well. That's really cool about it's ability to climb slippery hills. I've never used a Rekluse and I was thinking along your mindset that by installing one, you could all but eliminate the stalling issues so that's got to be disappointing. Have you considered replacing some of the clutch springs you received in the Rekluse kit with the stock ones or lighter ones from Rekluse? The lever you have on order looks like it'll increase the leverage a lot and should definitely help. Have you come across a Fuel Rail replacement offered by ktmandhusky.com? Supposed to provide a more direct shot of fuel. He's done vacuum tests and says that when the throttle is cracked open, it leans out a lot and that the extra air causes flame-out to occur. After installation, the lean-out goes away. Does that seem like it may be the issue or rather does the engine feel like it needs some more flywheel effect to keep it going at idle? When you have a chance, check out some of his youtube videos and let us know what you think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goSt53ncG5A&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJOc9TQh1MU&t=0s
  5. Bikerlibre

    2017 FX 350

    Thanks for the input sullcat and your tips on suspension set-up and the TC. I am considering a Rekluse to address any stalling issues I may have on the tight, rocky trails I sometimes encounter which bring me to dead stops frequently. I have not used one before. I hate stalling out especially on a hill and it's times like that I worry also about a 4-stroke getting too hot like my current bike does although it doesn't overheat. Primarily though, I'm keeping a good clip with the engine singing. I know the design is weighted towards fast-paced CC riding and that is my pace more often than not but there's too much slow, technical stuff to ride as well. I've been considering a TE also but I've gotten used to connecting trails and riding dual-sport on a 4s and it's a hard decision to go back to a 2s with jetting concerns.
  6. Bikerlibre

    2017 FX 350

    Excellent race, that would make me happy too but no way my legs would hold up! Isn't the DDS clutch stock, perhaps you're thinking of another bike? 13T definitely and a flywheel sounds like good option. My biggest concern is to avoid having the engine stall in the tight stuff when I cut the throttle.
  7. Bikerlibre

    2017 FX 350

    Hey guys, I know it's mid-winter and there's not much if any riding going on but I'd like to hear some more ride reports and any follow-up you might have with some of your initial concerns. I'm considering the bike for trail riding and dual-sport and I have some questions. I'd be looking to add lights, probably from the stock TE bikes, grip heaters and maybe a fan. Anyone change out the stator yet? Is a fan needed for tight stuff? Is the bike quiet enough, maybe compared to your '16 FE350 or will I need to tone it down and how? Anyone change the TPS settings or fuel/airflow at all? Any more flameout issues and is the idle speed reasonable after dialing it up?