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  1. My friend has a 80 and carb needs cleaned, any link that are easy to follow?
  2. it's my main and my only bike. I am only 14 though[emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Hello I have a Yamaha 125ttr 4stroke (yes I know) and still have the stock exhaust on it. It's a bit rusty and I was wondering how to clean it up? I tried purple power and have heard of wd40...any suggestions???
  4. i know but I thought they might have a kit
  5. Alright sweet thx
  6. sweet! Thank you! Will it evaporate over night or what?
  7. Ok so I looked up the wd40 and it's legit but I couldn't find since it's flammable, would it combust?
  8. I have a 125 Yamaha ttr and I still have the stock exhaust on it, should I replace it? It's a little rusty but that's how I got it
  9. Any suggestions for a 125 ttr
  10. yea yea I know
  11. This should be good
  12. Oops brain fart my bad[emoji23][emoji23] Sorry I meant to say what type can I get for my KTM* 4 stroke TTR MY BAD!!!
  13. Looking for any plastics for my bike. I have a TT-R 125 Honda....yes I know it's a 4 stoke;). Under 50$ please!!
  14. Spaghetti and water