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  1. Tate2002

    Crf is a pain to start.

    Got it Got it. I made my own process and it works. Gas on, 3 full twist, turn over engine 5 easy times, find tdc, kick and it starts first up
  2. Tate2002

    Crf is a pain to start.

    Nah. I used to have a 125 and 125 2 stroke. So I’d like to say I have it down. I may mess with the fuel air mix. What’s that sweet spot you mentioned? I’ve been finding tdc and letting it return to the top and giving my best kick from there.
  3. Tate2002

    Crf is a pain to start.

    Ah. Either way. I’m not sure tbh. The guy I bought it off of sold it to me for 1500. So sketch. I know the rings and timing is good. So I will be moving on to fuel/air mix now. But that wouldn’t explain why because it runs fine.
  4. Tate2002

    ISO help

    What do ya mean? It starts the engine when you kick it? No wayyy
  5. Tate2002


    You're*. Yep. I’m here from along ago. But with some more horsepower;). Crf250r now boy. And it’s really a honda
  6. Tate2002

    Crf is a pain to start.

    I mean I have had a 2002 ttr125 and a 1993 yz125 and they both Litterally never had a problem. Both started on 1-3 kicks and never really had any basic maintenance. The ttrs oil wasn’t changed for about 40+ hours. Hate to admit it but I didn’t know any maintenance .
  7. Tate2002

    Crf is a pain to start.

    I have a 2006 crf250r. Bike is a pain to start. Just checked timing, rings etc. new rings, and newer piston. Once the bike is started it runs great. Snippy and quick. Valves are in spec and I’m not sure why it’s so hard to start. About to try a procedure tomorrow sometime after school so I’ll stay updated. I know pretty much everything there is to know about a 4 stroke engine. Not being cocky. I’m def not confident in carbs tho. Is it jetting?
  8. Tate2002

    Carb clean

    My friend has a 80 and carb needs cleaned, any link that are easy to follow?
  9. Tate2002


    it's my main and my only bike. I am only 14 though[emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Tate2002


    Hello I have a Yamaha 125ttr 4stroke (yes I know) and still have the stock exhaust on it. It's a bit rusty and I was wondering how to clean it up? I tried purple power and have heard of wd40...any suggestions???
  11. Tate2002

    Does anybody know where to find these graphics ?

    i know but I thought they might have a kit
  12. Tate2002

    New exhaust or no?

    Alright sweet thx
  13. Tate2002

    New exhaust or no?

    sweet! Thank you! Will it evaporate over night or what?
  14. Tate2002

    New exhaust or no?

    Ok so I looked up the wd40 and it's legit but I couldn't find since it's flammable, would it combust?