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  1. Flarre80414

    Clutch problem, please help!

    That’s what I suspected, it has been ridden multiple times a week for the past two years. Before that not sure
  2. Flarre80414

    Clutch problem, please help!

    I have a TTR 125 that has a clutch problem. When I engage the clutch and put the bike into gear, it rolls forward, as if the clutch weren’t fully engaged. I have adjusted the cable all the way in both directions and it doesn’t change anything. Not sure what to do now.
  3. Flarre80414

    TTR 125 Needs Gas Tank

    Hello all, I have a 2002 TTR 125 that I have slowly been restoring. I have repaired the bike and it is running and complete except for the gas tank. I have done a lot of research only to find that these tanks are extremely expensive and there isn't much along the lines of aftermarket tanks. Does anyone know of any after market tanks or tanks from maybe another bike that would fit? Or even where to get a cheaper one?