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  1. CRF James

    Honda CRF50 idling high

    Check the slide. It should slide fully down in the tube. If you accidentally installed it 180° off, it will not go down fully.
  2. CRF James

    CRF50 Idle issues

    The usually culprit for an erratic idle is an air leak. With the bike running, spray brake cleaner where the airbox connects to the carb, between the carb and header, and header and head. While spaying one of those areas, if the idle surges or drops suddenly you have found your air leak. As for wiggling the throttle cable and the idle climbing, check the routing of the cable and make sure the length is adjusted properly.
  3. CRF James

    Rebuild XR 50 won’t start

    Needed to clean the carb on a bike I am prepping and figured I would snap some photos for you. Remove the bowl and then remove the float. Remove the pilot and main jets. Pilot jet is press fit but will come out with slight twisting and pulling motion. Run a piece of wire thru both jets. Then spray carb cleaner thru them. Clean out the float bowl and carb body with carb cleaner. Clean the float valve seat. (Optional) Lube/condition the tip of the float needle and bowl gasket/o-ring. Reassemble and adjust. Total time 15-30 mins.
  4. CRF James

    Rebuild XR 50 won’t start

    Read this thread: clogged pilot jet on a CRF50 - Success! https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/1047667-clogged-pilot-jet-on-a-CRF50---Success%21 In addition you should also remove the main jet and make sure it is clear also.
  5. CRF James

    Rebuild XR 50 won’t start

    How did you clean the carb? Did you remove the jets and run a wire thru the openings or did you spray it with carb cleaner, or soak it in pine sol, or ???
  6. CRF James

    Rebuild XR 50 won’t start

    Did you ensure the pilot jet wasn’t blocked?
  7. CRF James

    SSR 125 Rear Brake

    Someone on Planetminis recommended this one to me after he installed it. I then installed the same one on an SSR this summer. GOOFIT Rear Brake Assembly Master Cylinder Caliper Coolster SDG SSR 107 110 125 I BK12 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UJ9CS3O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_gbd8BbSFXWXSZ
  8. CRF James

    SSR 125 cross reference

    Pretty much all the chinese bikes with horizontal engines are based on the Honda CRF50 engine. Any pegbar designer for the CRF50 should fit.
  9. CRF James

    SSR 125 Rear Brake

    For your safety and those around you, yes. You can get one for $35 for that bike on Amazon.
  10. CRF James

    Xr 50 bars and forks

    A little more information would be helpful. Are you redoing the bike for a kid or an adult? What forks and bars are you considering?
  11. CRF James

    2001 XR70 Plastics search or repaint

    I see a lot of people using plasti-dip spray paint. The good thing about plastics-dip is if you change your mind or a panel gets messed up, you can simply peel it off and start over.
  12. CRF James

    2001 XR70 Plastics search or repaint

    I have a 2002 and have not ordered any aftermarket plastics but wanted to ask if all the pieces don’t fit or is it just the rear fender? Best I can tell, the rear frame rails appear wider on the 2001-2003.
  13. CRF James

    04' CRF50- need this pilot jet

    Did you get your ride running or are you still having issues?
  14. CRF James

    Is this a 2001 OEM xr50 Carb?

    So did you get it tuned and running right or are you still having issues?
  15. I guess the safe bet would be to store them in a Ziploc plastic bag with the silica pack[emoji12]