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  1. That’s exactly why I am asking. I have two 100’s. I believe the prior owner put 80 wheels and kickstand on one of them.
  2. You can get a new slide at RockyMountain for $120, add a bit more if you need the needle, clip, spring, etc
  3. Did you heat cycle the engine after installing the new piston, rings, and cylinder?
  4. Don’t know if I can help, but out of curiosity dies the smoke have the sweet smell of unburnt fuel or does smell like something is burnt? Also, did you install a new exhaust gasket while replacing all those parts?
  5. Thank-you 120CCPM!
  6. I need to know the kickstand lengths for a both an XR/CRF80 and an XR/CRF100. If you have either or both can you please post the length of your kickstand?
  7. As for the “performance CDI’s”, I have never tried them but have read they don’t do much, but for $8 it’s not a big risk buying one to try. As for the bigger intake manifold, you will likely only notice gains if you jet the carb properly. And finally, if your rear wheel isn’t aligned properly, adjust it. You don’t want to throw the chain and damage your stator or cases due to the sprocket being at and angle.
  8. According the the vin it is a 2005 bike made by Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd which I believe translates into “generic Chinese dirt bike”. The engine number indicates it is most likely a 110cc. The parts are fairly generic. I would recommend double checking all the measurements when ordering parts.
  9. Unless the old models had different wheels, that does not look like the rear on any of the 3 SSR SR125’s I have owned.
  10. Can you post a photo of both sides if the rear wheel? I want to confirm whether it is an SSR 125 wheel or not.
  11. The axle I order off of eBay was actually from one of our Vendors but it came with different sized spacers so I used the old spacers. Considering you need the correct sized spacers I would try calling 2 of the vendors here. Wholesale Cycle and TBolt USA and see if they can hook you up. Both answer the phone and are very helpful. If they don’t have what you need try seeing if your local SSR dealer can order them for you or resort to messaging different sellers on eBay to see what size spacers the axles they sell come with. One important thing to keep in mind, if you are using a different real wheel than the SSR OEM wheel, the spacers you will need will likely be different than the ones I used in the photos. TBolt or Wholesale Cycle can probably give you a better idea of what sizes you need.
  12. Looks new!
  13. Thats doesn’t look like the stock SSR SR125 rear wheel to me, which might be part of the issue. The brake disc is not usually raised off the hub. Here are some photos I took of my rear spacers recently. Perhaps they will help. Left side (sprocket side) spacer: Right side (disc side) spacer: Right side spacer & brake mounting bracket:
  14. Glad you got it fix. Sorry I don’t go there first.
  15. The other thing I should have asked is if you adjusted the throttle cable after installing it? If the cable is to tight it can also cause the bike to idle high as it won’t allow the slide to fully close. You can give the slide a little more slack by screwing the cable in a little more on the throttle side. I should have had you start there first.