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  1. I can’t speak from experience yet, but I will be installing a 120cc big bore kit in my son’s 100 also. As for the kit you are leaning towards, it i does come with all he parts you will need but with the added cc’s you should consider getting a bigger carb or at least re-jetting your current carb. A service manual would also be helpful if you don’t already have one.
  2. I like that pvc rack. I should be able to build something like that to accommodate all of them. Thanks
  3. The bulk of helmets are under 15 months old.
  4. The site is fine. I ordered from them when my son was riding an electric Razor. But I hope you realize that after shipping cost you end up paying more.
  5. Dirt track helmets, street helmets, scooter helmets, play helmets for when my son and his buddies take off on a few bikes, plus I can’t pass up a good deal when I see one[emoji12].
  6. My son as I both ride and we each have multiple helmets (probably 9 in total). I am looking for ideas on how you guys organize / store them. Right now we have them stashed around the garage with some hanging from the handlebars, others on shelves, and some in storage containers. Would love to find something that would allow us to keep them stored nice and neat without taking up too much space the in garage. Let’s see some pics of how you guys organize them.
  7. There are so many to chose from. I have been using these on my 50’s lately. ProTrax Offroad Front 2.50-10 & Rear 2.75-10 Tire Combo
  8. I am assuming you are a young man without a job. Try doing some odd jobs around the neighborhood.
  9. You can afford replace the same tube 3 times in 2 months but can’t afford $20 for a tire?
  10. But a new rim strip (or make one) and the put a layer of electrical tape over the edges to cover any sharp exposed areas
  11. You should replace that tire, not because of the tiny hole, but because it is totally worn out. If you still have rubber knobs on the tire, the piece of metal may not have even pierced the tube.
  12. Have you checked the tubes to see where they are leaking from. If it’s something in the tire or on the rim they should all have holes in the same area. If they are all leaking from the stem, you may be spinning the rim and tearing the tube at the stem. As for the crack in the tire, I think a photo might be more helpful.
  13. Thank for the clarification. Out if curiosity, since the parts diagram listing for the ‘01 shows all 4 cylinders, does that mean the ‘01 can use any of those cylinders from ‘01 to ‘05 and since the the ‘08 uses the K5 cylinder that the OP can use any of the cylinders from those years?
  14. Actually I would like to amend my prior statement. In checking Suzuki Parts house data base the 2001 had 4 different cylinders listed one of which has the same part number as the single 2008 cylinder so I think it will depend on which cylinder your 2001 has. For the ‘01 there is a K1/2, K3, K4, and K5. The K5 has the same part number as the ‘08 cylinder.
  15. All of them [emoji12]