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  1. sorry I cant get the pics to rotate
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys!! I can definitely do better on gear. I'll check out extreme supply next week. I have: nice pair of gloves, knee/shin guards and a helmet. Besides boots, is there any other suggestions? I just added a LED bar to the bike today. I added a bridge rectifier and capacitor from radio shack; then I upgrade the headlight bulb to LED and added the LED bar. Let me know what you think? ventur4th, I actually live on the Lakewood/LB border. I rent a storage/garage in Bellflower, it where I keep my toys. Definitely keep in touch the next time you go out.
  3. Hi All, New to dirt bikes, just bought a 1998 KTM 250 in great condition. I've literally gone out twice (Gorman) and had a blast riding the trails. I'm in the Long Beach Area and looking for any locals that wanna ride and don't mind a newbie asking questions. Thanks!