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  1. canada msrp is 7899.99!
  2. i paid 7100$ for my 2017! 1700 discounted!!
  3. there is few 2016 left around here, but its was 400$ less than a 17. To me, its not worth it, i dig the black wheels, i had A60 black on my 2015, and they still looked great when i sold the bike. Then, there is front brake upgrade, not quite sure but i think the galiper is also different. Lasty, resale value from a 2016 to 2017 alone worth 400$ so..... do the math! Oh yeah i almost forgot....BNG!!!
  4. Thanks! ill probably ride it, first then once need top end, we'll see! Besides it comes with a whole top end kit from yamaha! Its pretty expensive, honestly at this point mind as well get the lectron no?
  5. So STIC does really work that well!! Sounds really interesting!! Does it bring jetting issues?
  6. unfortunately not money tree in the backyard and unlimited funds!!
  7. Quite frankly, i don't see point of doing an AF 250, since its already AF! and the newer YZF chassis might not be better than the current YZ 250 chassis!
  8. What's up with all that jetting on stock bike?? I thought it was pretty dialed in from factory at sea level! If you guys have recommandation for jettings its welcome!! How exactly the STIC, helped? Specially on a stock bike? I could still decide to go on the orange bike, but for 3K more than the Yammi, i dont see why i would pay more for the KTM! Beside the balling factor, I think Yammi is awesome! I might just do skid plate, rad braces, and magura clutch!
  9. Thanks! i cant wait to ride the it! Everyone's here tells me to not mess it it!! Leave it alone Lol!!! I know im crazy!
  10. yes it is.
  11. Hey folks! I bought a new YZ 250X that i will receive in 2 weeks! Which ill take delivery in the yamaha crate!! So here the thing, i was first looking at a KTM 300Xc 2017, but found out that they have all kinds of jetting reeds airbox and etc issues. So i decided to stick with Yammi! Im looking at the possibility to take the motor apart before it even being fire up once! basically, i would do a ESR 325CC kit right outta the box! So first, am i retarded to even think about not riding once the X before rip it apart( previous bike is a 2015 YZ 250)! Because i was thinking about selling the whole KiT cylinder, piston bearing gasket and etc from the 250X to someone. Also everything will be double since it will come with an extra top end kit from yamaha! I will mostly race Harescramble, so i just want a crazy fun bike to race! The ESR kit is very appealing, but im not sure if its worth it right outta the gate! So inputs would be great!