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  1. okieguy

    2002 YZ250 Settings

    I think the base settings are 10 clicks out with 20 being the max. Guy
  2. okieguy

    anyone tried a rekluse on a 250 2-stroke?

    Mitch, I think you will like the auto clutch, I put one on my 03 YZ250 and love it. You will not believe how much less work it is going through the trees. It still has the hit if you get into the higher rev's but I usually just lug around. By the way, I adjusted it with the light spring and have the perch adjuster set for early engagement. Guy
  3. okieguy

    2002-2003 yz85 any good

    Try to get the 03 model. The 02 had some problems with 2nd or 3rd gear going out and taking most of the transmission with it. We raced both models and had better luck with the 03. Great bike. Guy
  4. okieguy

    Repacking FMF Turbinecore 2

    khyz250 To get inside the silencer i usually just grab onto the small pipe with a rag, hold the larger end up and a couple quick hard blows catching the mounting bracket on a work bench or wooden saw horse does the trick. Be sure to use the force on the pipe section pulling it down. Guy
  5. okieguy

    Repacking FMF Turbinecore 2

    The FMF Q model is quieter than the regular Turbinecore On the Q model the is a bullet looking baffle in the center, it just restricts the flow and kills the power. At least it did on my 03 yz250. I ended up cutting it out. The standard Turbinecore does not have it. I would not buy the Q model again. I am not sure if the same silencer fits different years. The FMF web site would probably tell you. Guy
  6. okieguy

    Repacking FMF Turbinecore 2

    The end cap is riveting and the other end has allen head screws. I went the the "Q" model and ended up taking the extra baffle out because it killed the power. Guy
  7. okieguy

    Oversize fuel tank

    Yes, the Clarke 3.9 will push the seat up a little, and feels a lot wider. I really like the Ty Davis IMS tank a lot better. I do have the Clarke 3.9 sitting in the corner that was only used on a Colorado trip, came off 2003 YZ250. Guy
  8. okieguy

    Taylor Park Area

    Phil, Thanks for info on Divide area. We are going to be camping (in trailer). Is the Divide area by Woodland Park? Guy
  9. okieguy

    Taylor Park Area

    We are planning a trip to colorado in July. Is the Taylor park area ok for the wife on an ATV and son on a 80? Would like to ride senic trails but not too tight or tough. Is there someplace else that would be better? Thanks for any input. Guy
  10. okieguy

    OT: Looking for a newer truck. T100?

    BrandonW, The T100 is a great truck. I had one for several years, put a 100,000 mile on it with out any problems then sold it to a friend's 16 year old boy and he has run the wheels off it and still no problems. My only complaints, not enough power and rear springs are too light to haul much of anything. Guy
  11. okieguy

    Jetting for a 2002 WR426

    RMWR426, You will be happy with the ELN needle. I have been all over the jetting range and happiest with the following 42 pj 75 paj eln #3 165 mj 200 maj Running stock pipe with modified vortip. You should also consider YZ timing, makes the bike a lot more fun to ride. Guy
  12. Has anyone tried one of these yet? Looks a lot bigger than the W B Vortip. Guy
  13. okieguy

    HELP! Backfiring Problems

    tcreek0022 Be sure to check the AP squirt. Mine was about 4-5 seconds every time I opened the throttle. Just drowns the plug. It should be around .5 sec. You will need to do the BK mod to adjust it. Also the disconecting the blue wire might also help. Guy
  14. okieguy

    Modify stock exhaust ??

    F6dood If the part that broke is black and has an outlet about the size of pencil that is not the spark arrestor but the baffle. It is so restrictive that the bike will not run well with it in. White brothers makes a vortip which is pretty quiet and will run much better that the stock baffle but will not have the perfomance of an aftermarket exhaust. Most any aftermarket exhaust will add a bunch of power and noise. I had a WB E series until it got destroyed in a race. Loved the power, hated the noise. Had forgot how much power it added until I put the stock exhaust back on. Good luck. Guy
  15. okieguy

    Powerguard insurance

    drkarnes, I have never heard of a insurance company selling a 5 year policy that covers liability or comprehensive (yes I am an agent for 20+ yrs). All policies that I have seen are only for 1 yr. Sounds more like an extended warrenty. Who did you buy it from? Dealer or Agent? I also looked up powerguard at A.M. Best but could not could find where the are rated. Guy