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  1. Rdway60

    2017 350 xcf TPS tuning

    The only possible answer that comes to my mind is that the tps values can change when you change your idle speed(so i've read). Have you been tinkering with yours? Also it is sensitive to even tightening the screws. Snug and then recheck. Like trying to get an engine valve or breaker points tolerance just right lol.
  2. Rdway60

    2017 350 xcf TPS tuning

    Not the easiest as i remember, but not bad. I'll attach a set of directions that came with my tuner. I'm waiting on a tach so i'll have a benchmark on factory tps and idle settings before i fiddle farther. I had .53 factory setting and ? Idle speed. My plan is to make sure idle is spec then richen it a bit and see if things smooth out a bit more to my liking.
  3. I'm preparing to explore different adjustments on my 17 350 xcf and am interested in hearing from others as to where they started and ended with their settings. I bought my tuner last season from bestdualsports and it checked at .53 and chose to leave it there till now. I feel that may be on the lean side and have gathered that a little richer may make more throttle friendly in the tight stuff....any input? Thanks
  4. Rdway60

    2017 350XCF Flywheel Weight ?

    I just got my 17 350 xcf flywheel w/steahly 8 oz ring reinstalled, but have only had the chance to run down my street and back so far. I could definitely feel a difference in the throttle response. Best way i can describe is a bit lazier at slow speeds, which seemed to accomplish what i was after. I'll know for sure when i can hit some dirt....damn ot at work is killin any ride time for me. I also had a Rekluse core clutch and a G2 throttle tamer installed before the Steahly trying to settle out the low speed twitchiness. As far as removal i'd say you better be "all in" before you install as it is epoxyed onto flywheel. I sent my wheel to them as to be sure of an A1 job. From what I can tell, I don't think you could go wrong.
  5. Rdway60

    How to mellow out 2017 350 xc-f

    Being a first time rider at 57 I too have been working at taming my 17 350 xc f. Love the bike, but just needed to settle it out a little for this newbie. I opted for a 13 t front sprocket to start with which helped a bit with flameouts. Geared to high for the tight single track i ride. Next the Rekluse core....prob best mod money I spent on her. Allows you to run a gear or so higher if wanted which helps.and no flameouts!! You will love it! I also installed a throttle tamer and checked the TPS which I believe is set at .53? I have heard that running a little richer will take a little edge off of things also. I'll make that adjustment next week when I'm installing my weighted flywheel which showed up in the mail today from Steahly. I don't think there are any other bases to cover other than these. You being more of a rider than me.....the Rekluse should do ya. Enjoy
  6. I probably will in the end Monk. Just seems logical to me to improve any coolant flow problems first then an addition of a fan would be the finishing touch. I guess you could cool a radiator all you want, but if the refreshed coolant doesn't circulate thru the system without restrictions I am not getting the full benefit. Just my (over)thinking? And fan would probably run more than it needs to. I don't want to tax my battery any more than I have to as I don't want to do a stator upgrade if I don't need to. As it stands now I only have an EE light/taillight kit installed.
  7. I've just replaced the 3 stock straight radiator hoses with a Samco kit today with plans on replacing the T piece in the near future. I have heard recently somewhere that the restrictive frame T piece of old has been replaced by a less restrictive configuration on the newer bikes. I believe I remember seeing a cutaway picture of the old configuration fitting which had an actual metal lip which would seem to restrict flow of coolant. Does anyone have any knowledge of this change? I'd hate to spend the big dollar on an unneeded hose if the newer oem T has addressed this issue. Would probably put that money toward a fan kit, and/or a Boysen water pump. I mainly run tighter, slow single track and am also a first year "senior coffee" rider. I've only had overheating problems a few times, but want to give my machine every chance I can at surviving it's owner🙈
  8. Thanks Juman5, I did add a Core 3.0 several months ago and love it. I also added an Ergonomics G2 throttle tamer...another addition that really helped me. Just looking to take it a step farther and looks like the only option left is a FWW. I contacted both Rekluse and Steahly and picked their brains a bit. Both were familiar with running the combo together, and with 8 oz being the only Steahly option it might just be what I am looking for.
  9. I realize this is a 2014 post, but it pertains a bit to my question. I've bought a new 17 350 xcf which is my first dirt bike, and I am in the ongoing process of trying to take a bit of edge off of him. Not wanting to emasculate him as I love the endless(to me) power available, but working on the slow speed throttle twitchyness My first woods ride with my veteran riding friends convinced me that a Rekluse 3.0 was needed lol. 57 yrs old just getting into the sport and wanting to shorten my learning curve as quick and efficient as I can. I was also aware of the flameout problems by many with this bike so I did the 13t in front, checked the TPS (54 I think), and also a new straight shot fuel rail. These three things have made my riding so much more enjoyable. Never anymore flameouts...knock on wood. And it also allows me to ride a gear high which seems to suit me pretty well. My question is have many of you added a fww to your 4T bikes along with a Rekluse, and what kind of results should I expect? I see a Steahly 8oz might be one of my few options. Any comment on that application as far as performance, quality, the epoxy thing compared to bolting? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Sweet! Glad to hear kga 109. Just ordered 2 sets from RMtn ATV along with some summer riding gear. And all of my riding so far has been in map 1 and TC on lol. BTW, what bike do you have your G2's on and what about your grip choice? I could tell pretty early on that I hated skinny grips on my xcf as much as I did on my Santa Cruze MTB. Rogues are on the way!
  11. Bike comes with map switch and went from 14 to 13 in the front which helped. Just trying to calm some of the inherent FI twitchyness in the tight/slower stuff for me. I called ODI today and only solution gripwise is to order 2 sets. 1 set of the V2 Rogue lock ons and 1 set of their Rogue motocross grips. Lock on the left side and glue on the right to new G2 tube. I guess this will also give me a spare mounted throttle tube to put in my box also. Thanks AppDawg!
  12. The G2 that I ordered has a more forgiving pull on the first 20% of the throttle then ramps up to full throttle. Was looking for a little more forgiveness in tight singletrack and slow speed riding. I could use a lock on for left, but need a matching, "unmounted" grip for the right. I think I'm explaining this right, probably not lol. I've got my full coverage busters mounted right now and didn't want to pull everything apart for a closer inspection if I didn't have to.
  13. Hey all, first time posting here as well as first time dirt bike owner. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with a G2 throttle tamer tube? I've got a 17 350 xcf and I'm trying to figure out what grips I can actually use with it. From what I can gather i cannot use a lock on grip (which I love) for these and will have to use a standard slip on grip which(I have never done) would require glue and wire? Any lock on grip I can find is already premounted to a new tube and assume vulcanized onto. Lock Ons came oem on the bike and I can't remember if the left side of bar has the the gnurling prob required to hold a glued on grip or not? I'd like to have an Odi Rogue slip on but not sure possible. Maybe Odi would send a throttle side not mounted? Thanks for hearing my ramble.
  14. Rdway60

    High Output Stator Availabe

    Am I correct in that the oem stator produces just 20 w? I'm going to pull the trigger on a 17 xc-f in a month or so and trying to get my ducks in a row with the electrics. I'm looking at adding a headlight and I think my choice is rated at 42w. Then adding a fan of which i"m not sure of the current draw. Do you think your stator will fit my needs? Thanks