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  1. I'm having a similar problem bike runs flawless otherwise. It's jetted and I did the 3x3 and I'm confident the bike is tuned appropriately. When I put the bike on the lift to grease the chain, while in 1st gear at idle speed I can see the chain bounce erratically and it seems something out of rhythm. At first I though it was a tight spot in the chain or a warped sprocket so I changed all of that with no change. Ps the bike did this before and after the jet kit/ 3x3 mod. While at parking lot speeds in 1st gear at times I feel the need to cover the clutch slightly to keep it from feeling so jerky. Bike only has 5k miles. I want to stress that I feel this is not a carb problem. I was thinking possibly clutch/timing/valves/or maybe I'm lucky and it's just a foul plug.. any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Wish I was so easily entertained...
  3. Update ***** JD jet kit is in and I have massive gains on bottom and middle range through the gears. Increases in throttle response and wheelie power for days ( smooth power so easier to find the sweet spot ) o and also don't need a choke anymore for cold starts... Overall I can't believe I waited so long to do this. Exhaust used to pop while engine breaking at high rpm this cleared that up as well.
  4. Damn good points. Never would have thought... I'll be grabbing a new uni.
  5. Awesome thanks. Never heard anyone recommend against the KNN. Any particular reason?
  6. Doing the JD jet kit for my 2013 drz400sm 5000k miles in Florida no elevation. Full yoshi pipe with KNN air filter. 3x3 mod Blue needle. Clip @ 4 th position 25 pilot ( using stock fuel screw ) Turned out 2.5 turns. 160 main jet. Any suggestions.. I'll be installing tonight.
  7. Sounds good thanks for the help
  8. I'm looking to purchase the same kit. I know your experiencing problems but did you notice the significant increase in power everyone rants about with the jet kit and 3x3. ? Thanks and good luck with the diagnostics that's the fun part. So they say hahaha but you'll feel good when you solve it. Cheers
  9. Yeah yeah dress for the slide not the ride.. your preaching to the choir
  10. Check out SRMoto.com
  11. Any suggestions Looking for something like this...
  12. Damn you guys are great! thanks for the input. Happy new year