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  1. Is the pilot jet a 42 or 45 stock??
  2. Because it didn't come with one when I bought it blown just rebuilt the whole damn thing and don't wanna spend anymore money then I have to so ig it be another 40$ into
  3. Hey guys was wonder why my 450 idles rough and backfires when letting off the throttle I was thinking a clogged jet or maybe cuz I don't have a air filter on any responses will be appreciated thanks
  4. Rj3

    03 Xr100r value removal

    It's my friends bike if it was me I would a whole new top end but he a cheap ass and doesn't care for the bike [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Rj3

    03 Xr100r value removal

    Was wondering how do I remove the values from the head and install them into another head?
  6. Well a helicoil strip the bolt after u screw it in and take it out?
  7. I don't mind having 4 strokes but I prefer a 2 stroke any day just the sound and the way that power and kicks [emoji7]
  8. What's the best and easiest way to fix this? Heilcoil I'm think but don't know what size to get ik the bolt size is 6mm and the head of the bolt is 8mm should I go bigger then the original size? Idk what I should do so any feed back would be great. Thanks!!!!!