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  1. Yeah you should look them up on Ebay. There are some people wanting $250 for them, and they're not in PERFECT original condition. I doubt they'll get the 250 for em, but, ya never know, someone might give in. The seats are no longer available for purchase, so they tend to go for a decent amount as long as in good shape. You can get aftermarket foam and covers though. Ebay and Craigslist are the 2 places that would go the quickest. There is the Marketplace here in TT as well. As far as I know, the seat will only fit the XR200R from '85-'02, as well as some years of the XR250R I believe. Not sure what years though.
  2. Before throwing heat at it... Throw it in the freezer overnight. Go buy some good bits for your driver, because YES you went way too cheap lol. A good bit won't twist like that. If you throw it in the freezer it'll shrink. Then when you take it out, as it warms up closer to room temperature and starts expanding, then try knocking those screws out.
  3. You're gonna have a pretty penny in this thing with all OEM Honda parts! But, at least you'll know it's built with good quality parts. For someone that has no knowledge, it looks and sounds like you're on the right track with getting everything you need and keeping your parts in order. I never responded after you wrote in response to me a while back. You living in Florida, could be a good chance of getting a title for the bike and making it street legal. Seems you can tag just about anything in Florida from what I've seen while down there. As for the seat, I really don't need it I have 4 seats, 3 of which I should work on selling lol. However, you might consider selling it you could get $100 for it pretty easy in that condition. Then you can buy a custom seat or build one and have an upholstery shop pad and cover it to your liking. As for being around the block a few times, I'd say not with bikes. I mean yeah, my current bike has been a big headache and I've learned so much about it from the this site and from doing a lot of work to it. But I used to be a heavy equipment mechanic for a major pipeline contractor and learned a lot when it comes to fabricating and other things. Keep up the good work and keep us posted
  4. Daniel627

    Header Wrap

    Ah gotcha. Guess the angle doesn't show it very well
  5. Daniel627

    Header Wrap

    I think when I finally get the XRs Only header, I'm gonna have my friend tig weld on a couple stainless bungs so I can mount the factory heat shield. RedMesa has a good idea by using one with the hose clamps. However, it really doesn't have an air gap between the shield and header to allow it to flow air and make a big temperature difference. I still gotta drill out one of the broken screws from my head pipe so I can mount the heat shield back on.
  6. Daniel627

    1984 XR200 Stator Upgrade Q's

    It's a pretty bike, looks like you've done a good job of getting it back into shape. Good job on the lights, they look good. How's that yellow headlight working for you? Is the seat about to roll off the left side, or is the picture of it from behind just a weird angle?
  7. Daniel627

    Xr200 spoke length and

    Whatever spokes an XR250R would take. 86-89 XR250R uses same hub as the XR200R I do believe. You can just find a complete XR250R wheel and throw it on. But yeah if you're going with swapping rim and spokes, order whatever spokes the 250 takes.
  8. Daniel627

    XRs Only Exhaust for 1983 XR200R

    Looks good! That's a nice looking bike, as well as the exhaust on it, especially for an '83. I have the same muffler on my '90 and I really like how it sounds. Sometimes I really wish it sounded like one of those 450's I hear bangin through the trails, it rings out and you can hear it over everything, echoing out of the woods, like it's just a bad ass mean bike hunting you down! But then I think, mine is loud enough, I don't think I could handle listening to that for hours on end while riding through the woods.
  9. Daniel627

    Is this a 2001 OEM xr50 Carb?

    I was gonna say that the Keihin actually has their brand name and Japan visibly ON the outside of the housing. No brand name would've been my first indicator not to buy it. I'm sorry to say it dubya, but if you gave $50 for that, you got screwed on the money end at least. Hopefully it'll work. Looking around at different years on Partzilla, I don't know why they're different in cost, but an '07 crf50 carb NEW through them is $87.
  10. Daniel627

    Team Rude

    I haven't had the money to think about doing anything as far as getting engine work done by Terry, so I feel for any of you that have sent him parts, as well as money to cover the work being done. But I've been reading these threads as they've grown, and it's pretty tiring. What I think should be happening is, 1)If he is unable to be home to do the work, he should notify EVERYONE of his situation, and specify they should not send parts for work until he states he's able to take on the work. 2), He should have someone there to ship those parts back to the sender (at Terry's expense) so they can have their parts back 3) He should swallow his pride and recommend someone that would gladly be able to do the work in a timely manner, and has enough respect for the customer to stay in contact with them. 4) If you are too send him money, make it a check so you can keep track of it and see if it's been cashed or not. If it's been a lengthy period of time and no contact has been made or work been done, cancel the check if it hasn't been cashed. 5) If it's been cashed, yet no contact has been made and no work and parts have been delivered, call the police or District Attorney in his area and tell them of your situation. There seem to be enough people on here who are having problems with the bad business practices, that I'm sure something can be done legally. 6) DON'T SEND PARTS OR MONEY UNLESS YOU HAVE A CONTINUING DIALOGUE WITH HIM ON A REGULAR BASIS AND KNOW THAT YOUR WORK WILL BE DONE IN A TIMELY FASHION!!! Seems that people have been complaining for quite a while, yet more people on here keep sending parts and money, KNOWING that shit hasn't been going right. Don't be the next statistic and find someone else. There are plenty of capable machine shops around the country that can do the same work. If you know of these machine shops, start posting their info for the people that actually want to get work done.
  11. Daniel627

    CRF100 for my height and weight?

    At 5'11 I feel like you might be a bit cramped on that bike and won't be comfortable on a 100. It will have enough power to get you around easily, but yeah, you'll start to feel cramped. I'm 6', and there's no way I could ride a crf100 all day every day as my daily bike. Even if you're just learning to ride, you should get a bike that physically fits you, otherwise you'll be selling and buying different bikes in a matter of no time. An XR200R of any year will fit you nicely, and doesn't have so much power you'll be scared of it. A crf230f will also be in the same boat. Both bikes are mild enough for beginners, but enough power to haul through the trails even after you're skills have grown. If you still think that's too much for you, maybe look at a crf150F. Make sure it's an "F" and not an "R", otherwise you'll be ending up with more bike than you're ready for. The crf150f comes with 19" front wheel and 16" rear wheel. If I remember right, TT user Bajatrailrider put the 21" front and 18" rear wheels from a crf230f on his wife's crf150f. That would give you higher ground clearance and taller seat height.
  12. Daniel627

    Engine sputters after 1/2 throttle...

    Works Connection sells a set of inspection plugs for the crf230f but not the XR200R, they don't list the sizes so I dunno if they'd fit. Not sure if Honda uses the same size plugs across the board for timing plugs or not. They're a bit overpriced for what they are though, $40 for the pair. Anodized black, red, or blue, both have Allen wrench removal. https://www.motosport.com/works-connection-engine-timing-plugs
  13. Daniel627

    Engine sputters after 1/2 throttle...

    Lol yep, sounds like carb issues. Xrs Only sells a lower inspection cover that has a hex head for easier removal. Comes in anodized red and gray colors. $13.95. I haven't seen anyone making an upper cover with a hex head
  14. Daniel627

    xr200r losing power

    How long after you start riding for the day does it take to start this? By saying that when you shut it off, then restart it, it's good for a bit, I'd almost say it IS a fuel delivery problem, similar to what problem I had on our crf50. It sounds like the petcock is clogged up, preventing a continuous free flow of gas into the carb. Ours was almost completely clogged and barely even let a trickle through. I say that because you said it does it when you give half to fill throttle, then when you kill it, and start back up, it's good. What I'm thinking is, at higher throttle, it's using up the fuel in the bowl of the carb, and cutting out because it's not getting to refill. When you kill it, that's giving the bowl a chance to fill back up, so when you start it and run at lower throttle, it could take a little bit before it happens again. This is just a possible scenario that sounds like it fits. First thing I would do is give the carb a good cleaning, make sure the jets are clean and all passageways in the carb are clear of any debris and allow proper air and fuel flow. If it turns out being the petcock, according to Honda, they're not rebuildable and a new one will cost you $75. However, if you're mechanically inclined and capable of drilling and tapping 3mm holes, you CAN drill off the protrusions holding the petcock together, open it up, clean it out (I used a drill bit by hand), drill and tap the holes, replace the internal parts and close it up. There's a guy on Ebay that sells a rebuild kit that includes the packing and screws for $15. Hope this helps somehow
  15. Daniel627

    2000 xr200 running waaaaay better than my 02?

    Well, maybe in 20002 they screwed with emissions so much, no motor has power? Seriously though, crack open the carb on the '02 and give it a good cleaning. See what jets are in it. It may just be dirty inside and not getting the fuel flow it's needing. Also check the valves and make sure they're in spec