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  1. Daniel627

    can anyone help[ identify this bike?

    $20 for the tank if it doesn't leak? ­čśü
  2. Lmao. Yeah cuz there's not already a million threads on jetting. Hardly even have to search for that
  3. It took me a bit to figure out that all those options were there in the search, but yeah I got it figured out. It has been a big help. Sometimes it gets monotonous trying to look through a million posts to find the specific information you're looking for. Another thing that bugs the hell out of me, are the guys/gals who make a thread and ask their question, then they get a handful of legitimate straightforward answers to their question,,, And in no time flat, make a whole new freaking thread on the same damn question, but only in the new one it's about if a different part will fit, after it's already been said in the first thread that nothing else will fit! Are they really that freaking dense, or just illiterate or unable to comprehend the answers given? Don't make a new thread, just ask in the original thread you already started!!! Sorry i had to rant for a minute
  4. Daniel627

    What did Santa bring for your XR/CRF for Christmas?

    I can, but unless I'm able to get a dentist appointment during the week this week, it won't be til Saturday or Sunday that I'll be home to get to it. But I'll measure it for ya
  5. Daniel627

    What did Santa bring for your XR/CRF for Christmas?

    Santa finally made his late delivery It's beautiful! However, it's probably going to be a couple/few months before I'm able to put it on and experience the benefits. As I looked at it earlier, looks like I'll have to figure out how to mate it up to the FMF muffler
  6. Daniel627

    Stroker kits

    That's all true. And when I get to the point where I can justify spending the money on my 200, I'll be enlisting those services ­čÖé Maybe by that time I'll have found a 230 motor to put in and build that one
  7. Daniel627

    Stroker kits

    All for the incredibly low cost of.....
  8. Daniel627

    Powroll 218 options on xr200r

    Powroll is no more. I guess it sort of is still around. Terry Miller took it over and has done the powroll work. But, he's been M.I.A for most of the last year and his have been having trouble getting their money, or parts returned with the work being done. You need to be able to handle the power of the stock 200 before you look into the insane power of a 218 Read this thread
  9. Daniel627

    single pull throttle cable?

    I like plugging holes
  10. Daniel627


    How much you looking to move those cr85 forks for?
  11. Seeing as how there seems to be a decent amount of interest in the bike from the 230f owners, and their curiosity of its future potential, this might be a good place for it to keep the information and discussions close and easily accessible. Although it is pretty much a modernized and updated XR250R, not sure how it would be accepted over there
  12. Daniel627

    Messed up Flywheel Threads

    Well, as you've already figured out the hard way, you should've bought the puller before you tried your ineffective, and thread damaging idea. WTF were you thinking using a dremel on an expensive part like that??! (Without being proficient in doing such a task) You should've left it alone until you could've gotten to the tool store and bought the proper thread chaser. A triangle file has worked for me fixing threads, or as another stated a thread file, or yes, the proper thread die/chaser which isn't expensive. To put it into perspective, Thread die $5-15 probably, new crank $240 on Partzilla.com. Hope you're able to get it fixed
  13. Daniel627

    can anyone help[ identify this bike?

    That thing is SCARY! I wouldn't even touch that one. I have a set of forks from my '90 XR200R. They'll need new seals and gone through, but they're in good shape. I already sold the shock from the '86 parts bike I have otherwise I'd sell the full suspension
  14. Daniel627

    can anyone help[ identify this bike?

    Mine is a 200