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  1. Daniel627

    Started a 'fad'

    Oldsoldier, I'm sorry to hear about the health issues taking their toll on your riding. I'd love to see everyone that loves to and wants to ride, have the physical ability to ride til the day they die, but I know that's not how things work out. I hated seeing my grandpa not able to ride anymore. He rode from when he was young, til '91 when an old lady pulled out in front of him. He flew across 3 lanes of traffic, helmet flew off, landed with his neck across a railroad tie around a flower bed. Broke his back in 7 places, had rods in his back til the day he died last March. I wanted more than anything to buy him something to ride, some sort of trike, but I knew, with other medical issues, it just wasn't a good idea. I know your granddaughter is grateful for everything you've done for her, and continue to do for her, especially how you get out and ride with her. Those are memories she'll always have, the memories that'll make her cry tears of joy anytime she thinks of you when you're gone, and the joy she'll have telling her own kids the stories of your riding times together. Like my own grandpa, you should like the grandpa that every child would love to have! As for all your other riding companions, and how you've opened them up to the 230 and how it can be such a good bike for anyone, I applaud you! Keep up the good work! And never lose the love of riding! Daniel
  2. Daniel627

    New rotor

    Glad to hear the new rotor is working out how you had hoped. As for cutting the brake lever down to a 1 finger lever, that's one thing I don't think I would go too short on. I have ASV shorty levers on my Busa, and most of the time I am braking with 1 finger, but there are those times, that you're gonna feel better about grabbing with at least 2, maybe 3 fingers. Whatever you do, I'd try to ensure you have some sort of nub at the end of the lever so you have some kinda positive stop/catch so your fingers won't slip off during a very crucial time. Just a thought
  3. Daniel627

    Bikes Blues & BBQ

    It is yearly. This is my 6th or 7th time to go since I first went in 2010. It's a huge bike rally. Over the years has brought in 400,000+ attendees and spectators each year. I like to think of it as a family oriented bike rally. Never seen anything that looks like a Sturgis, or Laughlin, or Daytona Beach bike rally you wouldn't want your kids seeing. The whole northern/northwestern part of the state is involved. Every Harley dealer all the way up to Eureka Springs has events going on through the whole rally. Arkansas is a beautiful state to ride through with a lot of beautiful scenery and pretty sweet historic locations to stop at. Anyone with the ability to go, should go! Dickson St in downtown Fayetteville has a number of bars to hang out and have fun at night as well as meet new people.
  4. Daniel627

    WANTED: XR400R Wheel Set

    I read your thread after you posted it,and I had remembered seeing a set on Craigslist somewhere but couldn't remember where I saw them. Well, in my scouring tonight, I came across them again. I'm not sure where you're at, or how much you're looking to spend, but this set is in the Dallas Texas area, and they want $600. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/mpo/d/xr400r-stock-tires-and-rims/6688969904.html Hope this helps
  5. Daniel627

    Bikes Blues & BBQ

    Bikes Blues & BBQ, Fayetteville Arkansas, this week/weekend. Sept 26-29 Anybody else going? Seems there's plenty of guys here that ride on the street as well, so thought I'd ask.
  6. I have this 2000 Xr80r that I picked up a while back to be a project that I'll eventually start on. I've looked around on here quite a bit, and I've seen where a lot of people will swap to the CR80/85 forks for an upgrade. Seems most who do that are adults building the bike as a pit bike and wanting it to sit up higher with more travel. My line of thinking is, I'm gonna be building this bike for our boy that's on the shorter side, so putting him on a taller bike, especially when he's going to be learning to use a clutch, isn't the best idea. So I was wondering if putting on a set of kx65 forks would be a good setup on the xr80? Seeing as how the kx is an MX bike, it would be an improvement over the XR forks wouldn't it? Specs on the xr80r shows 27mm forks with 16" front wheel and 5.5" travel New kx65 fork specs 33mm forks with 14" front wheel and 8.3" travel. The KLX110L lists 30mm forks with 5.5" travel, but also only 14" front wheel. KLX140 has 33mm forks with 7.1" travel and a 17" front wheel. Now, Honda has the crf125f with 31mm forks, 5.5" travel, and a 17" front wheel. Has anybody done a suspension swap on an xr80r with any of these sets of forks that might have any insight? Also, what would I wanna put in as a rear shock to make up for the better front? Once again I'm not wanting to make the bike an adult ridden pit bike, only a better suspended bike for a beginner child. I might be better off just rebuilding the stock setup, but thought I'd see what all was out there.
  7. Daniel627

    1983 XR200R rebuild

    If I could find my Honda manual I'd take a picture to post, but I have no clue where the hell it is! It should turn up next week when we move lol. Hope you get it figured out before then. But if not I'll send pictures of the procedures
  8. Daniel627


    All still sounds like a fuel issue. How thoroughly did you clean the carb? Maybe you missed something and there's still crud in one of the jets somewhere. Did you adjust it back to where it needs to be? Make sure the float is set where it needs to be and that the float needle isn't sticking. Is it popping when you let off the throttle, like backfiring? If so then it's running too rich. Is it popping while you're on the throttle? If so then probably crap in the carb somewhere. Have you checked the plug? Probably not what's wrong, but might as well check it. The jerking is probably a cause of it running poorly. But have you checked the drive chain tension?
  9. Daniel627

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    Great write up! I took on my personal bike as a project. It being my first dirt bike, the $300 price for a complete bike seemed like a great deal. Then after having the engine rebuilt, front and rear suspension rebuilt, tires/tubes, air filter, all kinds of little things to get the bike into tip top shape, I'm into it almost $2000 altogether. I won't ever sell it for all I have into it, but if I get a number of years of riding on it, I'll feel like it was all worth it when or if I sell. Yes I wish I had considered waiting til something in good running condition came up, but it's not as easy to come up with an extra $2000 all at once. Your article here gave me more things to look at before considering another project. Like you said, sometimes we can easily get caught up in the excitement of what might be an awesome deal and miss vital costly things during inspection.
  10. Daniel627

    Should I Join the Club?

    🤔🤔🤔 👉👌
  11. Daniel627

    Should I Join the Club?

    Cerk, Where the hell ya been? Looks like you have a nice little stack of parts ready and waiting. Hope everything goes smoothly and the you get the bike ready to go for the weekend
  12. Daniel627


    From everything I've read, you would need the CRF frame, tank, seat, and plastics, then swap everything else over. Or if you have welding abilities, you would need to weld some tabs to mount the more modern tank, seat, and plastics onto your XR100 frame. I was looking into the same thing on the 2000 XR80R I picked up.
  13. Daniel627

    Not a 230

    I guess it was the angle of the picture. That's crazy how original it is. With a good carb cleaning you might be able to have it running pretty easily. Good luck!
  14. Daniel627

    Not a 230

    Doogee, it looks to have a pretty good sized dent in the left side of the tank. Looks could be deceiving, and since the Honda sticker doesn't look damaged, that could be the case. But it could've also fallen onto something smooth that wouldn't have caused decal damage Either way, it's a good lookin bike for being that old
  15. Daniel627

    A Rip Up "Hell Mountain"

    Definitely looks like it would be a challenging trail to get up, however I'm sure fun as well. But if that's the view from the top, whatever I had to do to get up there, would be worth it! That's amazing scenery! Where is it you live/ride?