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  1. Was your teacher a former Marine that taught you poetry and helped with school and life problems? 😎
  2. That's not what makes a trailer "wag". Too much tongue weight is what causes that. Unless he's pulling with a Prius he should be fine. You're also a couple days late, as posted, he's already passed on it and bought a flat bed trailer
  3. I instantly thought of the Cheech & Chong song 🤣
  4. Yeah, I think he's dyslexic. The OP clearly asked about putting a 400 engine into a 350. Is this a monster single, or 2cyl?
  5. Haha! Sorry, in America thats not a common term for that word. It has, other meanings here
  6. Soooo, What exactly did they do? Cut the body shorter and machine the inside to be able to mount the 250 and 650 parts? I assume you're using this setup for better fine tuning of the shock? Interested to see the fit in the 200 frame and hear about the results
  7. Ummm, xr400's aren't painted. The only painted ones are the ones you see on Craigslist looking like shit. If you paint the plastics and tank on your bike, you'll wish you hadn't. Look at Maier plastics and see if they have other colors of fenders and side plates. You can find tank covers on eBay, but there's not a wide variety of graphic designs.
  8. So you're saying, sometimes you just wanna see if you can get a good look at the front tire?
  9. Yeah i was gonna point out that the trailer was photoshopped into the background. And the kids just don't look happy at all
  10. They have pusses on their face? Lucky little bastards!
  11. You sure you're not framing out a tiny house? 😃
  12. No shit! I'm pretty sure that's not a 3500lb axle under that trailer. Especially since whoever took that picture with all the logs on there, wasn't smart enough to not include the jack that's holding the weight so the tire doesn't look flat or able to see the fender ON the fender cuz it's super overloaded. I've pulled many many trailers of all sizes and types over the years, it's not hard to see that kinda stuff. That trailer for $500 though, isn't a bad deal
  13. I'm not a fan of the XR's without the side plastics, but that's me. It's a clean bike either way. Big reason I haven't deleted my airbox and gone with a pod filter, is because Honda decided for some reason to make the left side plastic, mount TO the airbox, and makes up the actual side of airbox on the XR200R. So if there's no airbox, you can't bolt on the left plastic. What kinda shit is that? I could always weld on tabs that the side plastic could mount to, which would be easy, but I'm too lazy, and I don't wanna make other means of deflecting water/mud away from the filter.
  14. What an &%$#@!! 😛 LoL
  15. So you started this thread by calling people names, now you're trying to leave it while calling people names. Good way to show you've been outclassed. You didn't start this thread cuz you wanted input or advice. You started it because you wanted to rant and rave and talk shit and get an argument started. You succeeded. But when people pushed back and didn't fall for your pity party you didn't like it.