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  1. Sounds like you need to stay away from water since you seem to submerge them all. Turn the bike upside down? Wtf? There are simpler ways. Pull the plug, Get the piston up to TDC and blow it out with the air compressor. If you don't have an air compressor, turn the bike on its side after pulling the plug, dump out what you can. Then stand the bike back up and kick like crazy several times. There are things that will help evaporate the residual water, like rubbing alcohol. And yes, like others said, make sure the oil isn't milky after oil change
  2. I'm not quite sure this kid's old enough to drink beer. And if he is, he probably shouldn't do it while trying to work on a dirt bike
  3. I hear ya Rob, I feel the same way. Makes ya wanna not bother trying to help. Hell, if we helped, if we didn't help, if you figured out the problem on your own, let those trying to help know something. That's almost as bad as starting a new thread, hundreds of people reading it, but never getting a response. I hate that one
  4. Another thing to check is the petcock. I couldn't keep our little crf50 running after I had done everything possible and made sure everything was spot on with the manual. Upon opening the petcock to rebuild it, found that it was I'd say 95% clogged from probably shitty gas the previous owner had used. The screen inside had also completely deteriorated. So between that, and build up of residue from the gasoline, barely any gas at all was getting to the carb. Cleaned it out, put a new packing in, put everything back together, new fuel line with inline filter, And now it runs as good as new, starts first kick every time!
  5. SuperSprox might be a good place to check. I believe if they don't have it, they can custom make it. You'd just have to check their website
  6. I think he might. Probably a good idea to call ahead and ask though. He's a really nice guy and knows his stuff. I like shooting the shit with him while I'm at the shop. He races, can't remember if it's enduros or harescrambles though. But he rides his own work
  7. If you're on the correct stroke and at TDC, both valves will be closed
  8. Is there not a part number anywhere on there to be able to cross reference? I don't remember looking at mine when I had it out and rebuilt. Profile says you're in Missouri. There's also Mark Atterberry at Cannon RaceCraft here in OKC. By the sounds of what everyone keeps talking about this Bruce Triplett guy and what he does, sounds exactly like what Mark did to my forks and shock. He's the man to go to around here
  9. I took my XR200R rear shock to Cannon RaceCraft for a rebuild and new spring all for my weight. Ran me $269 I think it was
  10. Boy you ate shit pretty early. Would've pissed me off too lol. I only watched about 20 minutes but looked like you were doing pretty good. I was getting excited for you as you caught and passed guys. Sorry to hear you hurt yourself, but sounds like you came back for a good finish. I've learned in the trails it's often more rider than the bike. With those big ass wide open areas of course a big bike would take off and leave, but in the woods is where the difference comes in. My friend on his crf250f can't keep up with me in the trails when I'm riding my other friends' old '81 dt125. Of course the wide open stuff comes up, and he's right there on me again lol. Where was it you were riding? Looks like a nice place to ride
  11. Interesting Greeny. Look forward to seeing when it's done. What's with the couple tubes of jb weld, or pounds of aluminum wire welded on the case there in the big glob?
  12. Ok, so this "race bike", had the bottom end rebuilt when it was 3 years old, but over the last 32 years has been perfect, til now? Interesting Doesn't sound like it's a stroker engine or high compression fully built engine with head work or anything else. If it's locking up after a couple minutes of riding, you're obviously going to have to tear the engine apart to find the problem. At a minimum pull the top end off, but probably split the cases. Because it doesn't sound like a minor problem. All any of us on here can do without pictures is speculate and give possible scenarios and things to look at. Btw, unless you run that bike without an air filter, you couldn't run an XR200 engine hard enough in 45 minutes to break down or ruin fresh oil
  13. I've heard of people changing oil after every ride, but that's usually hours of hard riding. Changing oil on an XR200 after only 45 minutes of riding is a bit overkill and just throwing money away. Shit, start pouring that oil into a clean 5gal bucket, when it's full lemme know, I'll take it. That'd keep me in good oil for a year or 2 with as little as I get to ride. Just wait til you get this issue figured out, i don't want metal shavings in it
  14. That should be helpful. When I think of an "impact driver", I'm thinking a 1/4" bit driver, so thought I'd ask. I have all my air impacts, but my Matco 1/2" cordless is really handy to have!
  15. 3/8 or 1/2" drive?