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    XT 600e TCI question

    A couple of weeks ago my XT600e stopped , with a bit of help from this forum ,I got it going again with a new coil ,since then I am getting detonation on light throttle openings between 2000 rpm and 3000. Tell me if I have this right , I think that the advance curve in the TCI starts at 2000rpm and as a result of the coil dying the advance in the TCI has gone haywire . The bike runs fine apart from the detonation ,it is at its worst when the bike has just been started and running at 2000 rpm on the choke ,on the stand . It sounded quite bad and I thought it was mechanical when I first heard it but I noticed a misfire in the exhaust note that corresponded with the detonations . I ruled out a glowing spark plug because it is rpm specific and occurs when started from cold . I am thinking a new TCI is needed but its a lot of money if its not at fault . OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS / COMMENTS
  2. Drumnagorrach

    Newbie ,looking for Xt 600 4pt ignition help

    A new coil cured the problem ,nice long blue spark that could be heard . Thanks for posting the video Blue Pill ,reminded me what a healthy spark should look like .
  3. Drumnagorrach

    Newbie ,looking for Xt 600 4pt ignition help

    Thanks for your reply , The spark video was useful in jogging my memory ,I can remember now the spark jumping 40 mm or more to earth on previous bikes , I will make a tester and try it out . Been through all the obvious , coil off ,cleaned ,new lead ,cap and plug , all wiring connections cleaned . I have had the bike for 9 months ,its 30,000 miles and been mucked about a bit ,but once I re jetted it to suit the exhaust it came with it has been fine and in daily use ,I have noticed that the coil has written on the white plastic end cap ,in marker pen "XT600" so I think its a used replacement , a breaker would mark up with pen the application ,got me wondering if XT coils tend to fail . As a point of interest , I am appalled at the poor quality wiring connections on it , I have a 95 Guzzi Cali and A 2006 Ducati S2R ,both have electrical connections that have waterproof silicon rubber boots sealing them ,it used to be that Italian electrics were iffy and the Japanese set the standard , not so on mine . Cheers Lee Checked the coil on a home made tester ,roughly copied from the video ,on mine I cable tied the lead to a plastic pray can lid 40 mm away on the lid , I cable tied an earth lead . cranking the bike over with the plug out , I got the spark to jump an 8 mm gap ,but no greater ,the spark was quite yellow and not blue ,neither was there an audible crack as on the video . I think the coil is ill . Thanks again for the video's ,watched the Yamaha training vid ,where on earth did you find that ?
  4. Hello Folks , found your forum by chance while looking for a wiring diagram for my XT600e ,some of the tech detail posted , was particularly impressive ,unfortunately it was for an XT 350 ,but I though ,maybe someone on here could help with my 600. The bike is a 4pt ,imported as new into UK from Greece and registered in 2006 so I guess it's one of the last 600 's made .My problem is that after months of riding to work in very salty road conditions the bike broke down on the way home a couple of days ago . I have checked and cleaned all the connections ,I have a spark ,but it could be a bit weak ,I did manage to get the bike running last night ,but it took a lot of cranking and today it won't run at all . I have cleaned and checked the carb ,blown all out with compressed air and I am now fairly sure my problem is ignition . Can anyone give me the resistance readings for the pick up coil . mine has two wires blue /yellow and green/white ,there is a single dark blue wire on a separate single connector ,there are three white wires on a separate connector which I assume are from the generator . I have ordered a new ignition coil but while I await its delivery ,I would like to check as much as possible . Any idea if the CDI unit is O.K. I think that if I get a spark ,even a weak one , it points to the rest of the system being O.K. and its the coil at fault ,is that correct ? Any help would be appreciated . Lee