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  1. Cormorant

    Cylinder Head cover bolt questions ?

    A couple of my cylinder head bolt holes are stripped,does anyone know the size tap I would need to clean up threads ,I don't have a tap and die set so if I know the size I will just purchase that one.Also if the threads can't be fixed does anyone know the size heli coil I would need.The part list says the bolts are 8x100 .
  2. Cormorant

    Cylinder Head cover bolt questions ?

    Thanks,saved my day
  3. Cormorant

    more xl 600 questions

    Thanks,never saw anything like this before
  4. Cormorant

    more xl 600 questions

    When I removed the valve cover on my sons 83 XL600 it had someting that looked like an extra valve ,is that the decompression valve and how do you get the last head bolt out.It's not actually a bolt but a circle with a cap and a pin sticking out of it.Some pict show a bolt in that position but mine has this odd looking thing that is holding my head on.Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Cormorant

    Cylinder Head cover bolt questions ?

    I am removing the cylinder head off my sons 83 XL600 and have come across a fastener that is not a bolt but is the only thing holding the head on.Looks like a cap with a pin sticking out.The picture in my book shows a bolt,not sure what this is,it is above the decompression thingy.Sorry about the names but am not familiar with this setup.