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  1. msr_racing_468

    YZ250X first timer revalve

    Does anyone in this thread know if the newer yz250s and yz250x have the same pistons in the forks?
  2. msr_racing_468

    2017 YZ 250 valving questions

    I just read though that thread and it is interesting, it sounds like hrpuffinstuf is close to being the same speed and weight as me too so he might have done all the hard work for me! I haven't even started the bike yet and don't plan on it until I get it race ready, plus it's 20 degrees and frozen ground in Indiana so I couldn't get a race speed practice in to test it anyway! I will keep researching and learning more about the valving and I'll have to let you know if that stack works for me hopefully in the next couple of months! Thanks for pointing me in that direction!
  3. msr_racing_468

    2017 YZ 250 valving questions

    That was actually my goal when I bought when I bought the bike. I rode the X and didn't care for the motor, it was nice just doesn't fit my riding style plus I'm keeping my 09 yz for practice so I figured I could have 2 bikes the same. I actually came to TT because I google searched the OEM X stack and it brought me here, but then I started reading where people said they didn't like the X stack for woods. I guess I probably do ride different than most people do so I think I will start with the OEM X stack and see how that works for me!
  4. msr_racing_468

    2017 YZ 250 valving questions

    I did the valving on my old bike 1 time about 7 years ago lol I am not a pro but would like to do it again. I think I am okay with the springs in it I just don't know enough about the valving to determine what to do with the shims.
  5. msr_racing_468

    2017 YZ 250 valving questions

    Really the only problem I have is with the forks soaking up the small quick hits like the rocks, smaller logs and roots that I hit at a fast speed. When I hit them the forks are almost deflected away from them and is hard to get them to track straight, rather than soaking them up. It's only the small quick hit stuff that get the front end sketchy the bigger stuff is tolerable.
  6. msr_racing_468

    Linkage triangle stuck in swingarm

    The thick looking washers to the left of the #8 oil seal fits into the oil seal, the sleeve should not slide out with out removing one of these thick washers first if I remember right. This is a manual off of my 17 yz 250 and is the exact same for my 09 and probably about any yz 250 I would assume. I would not pry just soak in some PB over night and replace the seals and bearings while you're at it,
  7. msr_racing_468

    2016 vs 2017 YZ250X

    In my opinion a 270mm front brake on a YZ is a must but I also am an A level racer. I think Yamaha brakes are horrible so I did the EBC larger brake kit on my 09 and it was the best thing I ever did, but if you aren't doing aggressive racing/riding a the 250mm would be fine! And I also have been trashing the stock black wheels off of my 09 since I got it new and they look worn because they are but no chips and only scratches are from being careless with the tire irons! Congrats on the new bike this weekend though! I just picked up a 17 YZ 250 two weeks ago!
  8. msr_racing_468

    2017 YZ 250 valving questions

    Hey guys I am new to TT and I have been doing a lot of reading and there is a ton of info on here. I just bought a 2017 and I am wanting to pull the suspension apart and change the shim stacks around to match my style of riding. I am 6' tall 160 pounds with gear, 3.0 gallon tank, AA / (local) Pro level rider and I ride mainly National Enduro style of tracks, mostly single track good speed and my main problem with the forks is the small quick hits like rocks, roots or small logs. The big hits like G outs or breaking bumps don't bother me too much its just the quick hits that tend to be unpredictable on the front end. If anyone has any information on set ups to try or links to posts that would help me that would be great! Thanks, Daniel