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    2006 250f valves

    Fellas, so I'm in the process of ordering parts for my bike. According to the parts diagram the retainers are all the same for exhaust and intake valves as well as the springs. But when I look at the ones I just took out the intake vs exhaust spring and retainers are different sizes? Any input would be much appreciated.
  2. trant92

    Top end rebuild

    No that's the top of the piston with the jug still installed. But the oil didn't look any different than normal dirty oil. And the bike is at my buddies garage or I would get better pictures up here.
  3. trant92

    Top end rebuild

    Awesome, I appreciate your reply. Here's a picture if it does any justice
  4. trant92

    Top end rebuild

    Gentleman, Just started the project of tearing apart my top end on my '06 kaw 250f, it has the 269cc bore kit on it. I blew a valve so I'm going to try and take it to a machine shop to get it machined back to specs because I don't want to spend the $699 on the head. But I'm going back to the standard jug and piston size so I'll replace the old one regardless. My question is, is there a way to troubleshoot any bottom end damage without splitting it? There is a little lateral movement in the piston once the head and the jug are removed. Is that normal or not so much? If so I'll have a parts bike available. Tx