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  1. smr4fitty

    Smr450 exhausts

    Yeah I was looking for the dual setup. I did contact arrow and they said they don't make them anymore. And I know akaprovic only sells them though husky dealers near me. The husky dealers never respond to my emails and it is starting to irritate me
  2. Alright so I have a smr450. I am deciding on what theme way I should go. Should I go the white and black theme way? Or should I go the red and black theme way? I really can't decide on my own. What do u guys think? Here is some pics of my bike rn And is there anything else special u think I should do to the bike?
  3. smr4fitty

    Smr450 exhausts

    Does anyone have any links or places I can buy a smr450 dual aftermarket exhausts from? Looking for the arrow exhausts for them. I'm in USA and can't find anyone who has them. eBay doesn't have it either And does anybody know what the black piece that goes around the top of the exhaust is called? I've saw some arrow exhaust don't have it. I think it makes it look a lot better. Anyone know what it's called?
  4. smr4fitty

    09 smr450 battery died while riding

    I'm not sure how old it is. I've had the bike for about a month now. All the connections are tight
  5. Okay so I was riding the other day. It started right up fine. Bike has been sitting for about a couple days. It an efi bike. As I'm riding for about 30 mins my bike started acting weird. I would give it throttle and it would go then it would bog for a second then accelerate again and big again and keep doing that same thing. I turned into a back road and started to go slow and the bike just shut off on me and I still had enough speed to bump start it up. It kept on doing the same thing. So I stopped and shit the bike off. I thought it was gas so I checked my tank and there was plenty of gas left in the tank. So I go to start the bike back up again and the battery is completely dead and would barely haven enough power to turn the bike over. I let the bike sit for maybe 10 mins and the bike started right back up again. I thought it charged up again so I went to go ride again but I would give it throttle and it would bog again and do the same thing. Then I shut the bike off and tried to start it back up and the battery was dead again. How could my battery have died while I was riding?? What should I do to fix this problem??
  6. smr4fitty

    Smr450 info

    Does anybody have any links for a aftermarket dual exhaust system for a smr450? And some cool graphics for the bike? Also wondering some links for a different chip i can buy for more HP?
  7. smr4fitty

    Xr50 stunt mods

    I already got the tall bars kit
  8. smr4fitty

    Xr50 stunt mods

    Yup pretty much. And what I mean is so I can fit on it without being cramped
  9. smr4fitty

    Xr50 stunt mods

    Alright so I know there are many topics about this. But I just wana ask for myself. I have a 2003 xr50. I'm looking to make this into a stunt bike. What are the best engine and suspension mods? I'm am going to be strictly street and stunt use. I am 6"2, 185 pounds. Looking to ride wheelies all day and fit on it comfortably. What do u guys think they are?