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  1. Waiting for new bars and levers and a darker shade of spoke covers front and back
  2. Did you get a new clutch basket
  3. It could be a matter of the adjustments on the pressure plate and in the cable you might have everything really tight, I had this problem with my blaster I loosened the pressure plate adjustment a bit and the cable then lubed it and its brand new
  4. How long are your bottom brackets
  5. What did u drill the hole in at the top to hold the new number plate on
  6. Tealdock

    Kx250 yes or no?

    Hell for 624 u can buy a big bore 302cc kit with complete top end and rebuild the bottom end looking around 1000 to 1200 brand new motor if the casting is mint
  7. Tealdock

    Kx250 yes or no?

    I say for the 500 take the chances if there's some parts bikes around where u came get some plastics and cheap parts If u keep it simple and cheap u can possibly make a profit and get to ride for a bit
  8. Tealdock

    2002 KX250 Footpeg options

    So yes you can get a lot of them to work off a kxf a lot won't need any grinding but requires either the stock kx springs or 07 kxf springs
  9. Tealdock

    2002 KX250 Footpeg options

    I'll over look it but I believe 06-16 kx450f and kx250f footpegs will work with your stock springs I'll get back to you on that
  10. Tealdock

    Miss the banshee :(

    Hahah it's the plate from the guy I got the car from but yeah I love the car
  11. Tealdock

    Miss the banshee :(

    Pictures got all mixed up
  12. Yeah I'm going to do it i like the graphics kit I have on my bike rn so I'll probably get them for the new plastics and I will update pictures of the bike, might not happen right away it's been quite busy
  13. It's been a year since I traded my banshee for a 92 fd rx7 tt rhd the car is mint and runs amazing already had 12k offers for it but it's my dream car I now have a kx 250 to keep me going lol I traded my dads old ford for it well good traded to me [attachment=368254:IMG_1483195943.726621.jpg]
  14. Yeah it looks good i was thinking about the exact same thing but rebuy my graphics kit in pieces