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    Tire Recommendations

    Anyone run the motoz tractionator adventure? They one have 140 18 but I dont know if itll fit
  2. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    I really want to see what going on with the carb. The bike has had some mods done before I got it.Smog removed and blocked Oil separator is gone So im really curious to see inside the motor/carb As this is my first bike and never ridden anything this powerful I don't know the power of it stock. I'm in the dark a bit but these bike are awesome and know I made a good choice
  3. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    Maybe I should run higher octane gas?
  4. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    Sorry, I'm in Las Vegas. I'll take it up to high altitudes up at mnt Charleston occasionally but I haven't noticed anything different.
  5. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    I've read a bit and came across the CDI acting as a rev limiter of sorts. Not sure if its true but would explain the stuttering at higher rpms. I know the xr is not ment to be reved so high but its a bit unsettling with highway cursing in mind. 70-75 is max with throttle wide open. Im lucky if i dont get the jerk from a misfire tho
  6. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    Thanks! I'm pretty new to all of this but appreciate your input. So I can adjust the main needle and it will affect a wide open throttle?
  7. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    So I can't tinker with the air fuel mixture?
  8. Xr702

    Xr650l jetting help!

    Hi, I just picked up a xr650l. It's been about two weeks in and its amazing. Surpassed everything I hoped it would be. I've already racked up around 400 miles and no major issues. For a 1997, it's been taken great care of. I got a great deal. However, I was hoping to learn from wiser minds about jetting. It stutters when I have to throttle wide open. Maybe it's running to lean at higher rpms? It would be nice if I could see pics of exactly how to adjust the jets and where the adjustments are. I've searched everywhere and can't find a good guide on how to do it. If you have a link to where I might find out it would be much appreciated as well. Thanks and keep on thumpn!