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  1. I am very interested. I put the full pro circuit system on mine and am hoping a map might increase performance even more.
  2. Yep that’s exactly right. To get the axle further back. The paddle is going to have about a 3” lug on it so I need to get the axle all the way back which as a plus gives the bike better stability in the dunes.
  3. I’m getting ready to put a paddle on my 18 crf450. Does anyone know how many additional chain links I will need?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t see anything in the manual for ecu removal. I’ll look into it though, doesn’t sound too hard.
  5. Hey all, I have a 2018 CRF450 450 r that I just put a full pro circuit exhaust on and I’m looking to send the ecu in for tuning.. I’ve never removed an ecu before, any quick tips? also I’ve heard Tokyo mods is the best place to send it, is this still true?
  6. 18 450. Best bike I’ve owned.
  7. Looks great! Nice choice.
  8. I’m happy with my Pro Circuit Ti-6 system. Great build quality, just under 2 pound weight reduction, removable spark arrestor and significantly more bottom with a slight increase in top end pull. I am in the process of getting a remap which should help even more.
  9. Congrats! I love my 18, your going to enjoy this bike.
  10. I bet the Suzuki is a blast to ride but for $1500 you couldn’t even get the Suzuki’s motor up to par with the Honda Plus it doesn’t have E start which is amazing once you have it. I’m not bashing the Suzuki because I think all of the 18 450s are good bikes but for the RMZ to not have E start and still be the heaviest bike in the class is just crazy. KTM has been setting the bar very very high and Kudos to Honda for doing their best for trying to keep up. I think Suzuki is also trying but they just can’t seem to keep up.
  11. I just installed the system yesterday and only was able to take it around the neighborhood yesterday. With winter just arriving I probably won’t get to take it out and really test it till spring. From my limited test I noticed significantly more bottom end with a bit more mid and top. MXA mag tested the PC and FMF system and was surprised they both gave a solid 2 horsepower increase, I don’t believe the Yoshimura system gives quite that much gain.
  12. Thank you!! You saved my day.
  13. Stock mapping set on aggressive.
  14. I haven’t. I used to ride with a few 525 Sxs though. I’ve been a Honda fan forever now and I’ve never had one break down or even any real problems at all with them. The new 450 KTMs are dang nice though.
  15. Here she is.