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  1. Mxsledder

    First Dune trip 18 450

    Man I guess i'm handicap with this stuff. lol I have the videos on my phone but cant post them here.. Its says it's the wrong kind of file. Tried emailing them to my main computer so I could post them from there with no luck either. I don't have a you tube account and really don't want one. Guess i'm out of luck on this one.
  2. Here’s mine.
  3. Mxsledder

    First Dune trip 18 450

    Thanks! I’m sure happy with it. How do I post a link to videos in my phone?
  4. Mxsledder

    First Dune trip 18 450

    Had the chance to take the 18 crf to the dunes now that I’ve got the pipes and paddle on it. I’ve had countless bikes that were a blast but this one is in the top two! I weigh over 250 with gear and this thing absolutely ripped!! Handling is fantastic, bike feels light despite not being and the suspension felt great to me. I love this bike! I have some great videos but don’t think I can post here.
  5. Mxsledder

    17 R/RX torque specs

    I know this is off topic but what torque wrench do you guys use? I used a craftsman torque wrench on my 2002 crf 450 torquing the oil drain bolt ant stripped it, been terrified of torque wrenches since! Lol I haven’t been using one on my 18 450 but maybe I should be?
  6. Mxsledder

    Dual exhaust just sucks

    Lol no thanks. Two looks cool enough for me.
  7. Mxsledder

    Dual exhaust just sucks

    I can totally see your viewpoint on why you don’t like them. Me personally I love mine! For the extra pound or two the look of them and just being different than all the other bikes is worth it to me. Plus there has to be some validity to Honda’s mass centralization claims. Plus they are winning about half the shootouts with the 2018 crf 450r with dual exhaust so their doing something right.
  8. Mxsledder

    Chain length with paddle

    Yep that’s exactly right. To get the axle further back. The paddle is going to have about a 3” lug on it so I need to get the axle all the way back which as a plus gives the bike better stability in the dunes.
  9. Mxsledder

    Chain length with paddle

    I’m getting ready to put a paddle on my 18 crf450. Does anyone know how many additional chain links I will need?
  10. Mxsledder

    2018 CRF450 450 R Ecu removal

    Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t see anything in the manual for ecu removal. I’ll look into it though, doesn’t sound too hard.
  11. Hey all, I have a 2018 CRF450 450 r that I just put a full pro circuit exhaust on and I’m looking to send the ecu in for tuning.. I’ve never removed an ecu before, any quick tips? also I’ve heard Tokyo mods is the best place to send it, is this still true?
  12. Mxsledder

    Show Off Your 450

    18 450. Best bike I’ve owned.
  13. Mxsledder

    Gettin the itch for a Fo-Fiddy

    Looks great! Nice choice.
  14. Mxsledder

    CRF 450 2018 Aftermarket Exhaust: which one?

    I’m happy with my Pro Circuit Ti-6 system. Great build quality, just under 2 pound weight reduction, removable spark arrestor and significantly more bottom with a slight increase in top end pull. I am in the process of getting a remap which should help even more.
  15. Mxsledder

    Coming home with a new 4fatty

    Congrats! I love my 18, your going to enjoy this bike.