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    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    Hi, the covering material usually easily peels off. I have not seen one like yours baked on like that.
  2. bufbooth

    Octane Ratings: higher = better performance, right?

    In the mid-west, most premium gas has no ethanol in it. If I am doing an extended trail ride, I will fill up with the lowest priced non-ethanol in order to extend my fuel range by a few miles. I have an 88 Honda NX650 that has a small gas tank compared to a KLR, like about half the size. Also, I read that ethanol burns hotter, and I have an air cooled engine.
  3. bufbooth

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    In 2011 my CDI stopped working on my 1990 NX250. I did the re-solider repair (did all of them). It lasted me about four years and it stopped working (July 2015) 4 days before a Northern Wisconsin trail trip. I did not have time to re-solider it again, I ended up buying a new CDI on ebay for $50 from Caltric. It arrived 30 minutes before my planned departure time. It is still working after 1.5 years. I plan to do another re-solider job on the old one to use as a travel spare. I also have a 1988 NX650, decided to purchase a Caltric CDI ($50) for the travel spare. Dennis...