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  1. Yes, it is an automatic. Thank You.
  2. The brake pedal was bent after he laid it down doing donuts. The brake pedal scrapping the case then caused the visible damage. Thank you! Yes it has been laid down while riding on grass. The brake pedal was bent and caused the damage. Hope it's not a crack. I will check for replacement parts after the epoxy method. Thank you! That's what I thought as well, looks like a bolt or a plug should go there. However I did not inspect the bike thoroughly before using it so I'm not sure. Thank you! Thank you!
  3. Hello, First you should know I am not a mechanic nor do I know anything about dirt bikes. I bought my son a Taotao DB10 110cc pit bike for christmas. It ran good for a few days then started to leak oil. The oil is coming from the right side of the crankcase near the break pedal. I have attached a photograph. Please help me identify the problem. Thank You for reading and have a wonderful weekend.