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    SSR 70CC Running Rich

    All, I purchased a SSR 70cc of unknown vintage from a local small engine repair shop. The bike runs ok and has plenty of torque. I have noticed that the bike runs very rich with black smoke coming from the exhaust which will cover a white towel in soot particles given enough time. I have also noticed that at mid-throttle, the bike struggles to run smoothly and has significantly increased soot at the exhaust. I have located the idle circuit fuel screw and have set it to the minimum. I did this by seating the fuel screw to the bottom. A side effect of this is that I had to use the idle speed screw to raise the idle rpms back up so that the bike will run. After doing this, I get throttle advance problems but no real change in the amount of smoke / soot at the exhaust. I can find no air screw on this carb. I have cleaned the spark plug which was found to be covered in soot. I noted no significant change in soot production but a slight increase with the ease to start. At wide open throttle, the motor appears to stabilize and work fine. Its hard to tell but it looks like the soot clears up some if not entirely. Other things I have noted: The rubber boot at the throttle cable entry is fractured so air may be entering there. I have a new boot ordered but in the interim, I have applied electrical tape. I can see very little fire/spark at the spark plug when I turn the motor over. What I did see appeared blue which should be correct. I have noted that the bolts holding the carburetor to the inlet tube were incorrect for the bike. They were 1/2" inch too long and covered the fuel mixture screw. This is suggestive that the screws were replaced at some point which may suggest that the carb was replaced. I don't get the impression that the small engine repair shop was investing much into the bike but maybe that happened. I pulled the fuel filter and found it basically clean. The bike will not start or run choked (?desperate for air under all conditions?). The carburetor appears to well worn and is certainly not new. The bike is missing the overflow and drain hoses from the carburetor. The bike does not misfire or back fire. It seems like the bike is getting too much gas both at idle and mid-throttle with the fuel mixture set to minimum. My Questions How can I tell if the carb or needle has been changed or replaced? How can I tell that the electrical spark is correct? Regards,