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  1. Kubota Rider

    CRF150F Will Not Start - Help

    Thanks for the help. Turned out to be a bent intake valve. Just finished putting it back together. Running good now. Hopefully it stays that way.
  2. Kubota Rider

    CRF150F Will Not Start - Help

    Here's the latest... at the "T" mark on the compression stroke the rocker on the exhaust side had a little bit of movement (need to get feeler gauges for an accurate measurement but seemed reasonable). The rocker on the intake side had a lot more movement. I removed the carb and intake and looking in the intake port, I can see that the intake valve is not closing completely. At this point do I have any choice but to pull the head?
  3. Kubota Rider

    CRF150F Will Not Start - Help

    Timing appears to be spot on.
  4. Kubota Rider

    CRF150F Will Not Start - Help

    Yes, the bike had been sitting before we bought it. However, the previous owner had the carb rebuilt, the petcock replaced, the tank cleaned and a new air filter installed by a Honda dealer prior to our purchase. I did not notice any noisiness from the chain or the valves so, no, I did not adjust them prior to riding it. I downloaded the service manual earlier today, so I will check the timing tomorrow. Thanks for the info about the starter gears.
  5. My son bought a used CRF150F last Thursday. Yesterday we changed the oil and checked over the bike and headed to the local motocross park. The bike ran great all afternoon - no missing, sputtering, hesitation or weird noises. I was the last person to ride it before loading it up and heading home. When we got home we rinsed off the mud (motor was cold). When my son went to start it to ride it to the garage it would not start. There is plenty of fuel in it and it has a strong spark. It feels like it has very little compression when compared to how the kick starter felt earlier in the day. I have an old compression tester that has a rubber tip that you put in the spark plug hole and it is reading less than 25 psi. However, I am not sure if the gauge even works. when I put my thumb over the spark plug hole it feels like there is very little compression. Could it have jumped timing far enough to bend the valves when he tried to start it? Is it likely that it would have jumped timing when turned it off or when he tried to start it (it was running fine when I got off of it)? Is there another reason why it would appear to have lost compression? Any help would be appreciated. I am feeling a little guilty about letting my son spend his money on this bike.