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  1. earthcore

    Carburation on DR600

    well fuelling finally sort of sorted, tickover fine, and when i got the fuelling at the top end right it just pulled the clutch plates apart so rebuilding clutch now before i do a final shakedown but the lack of engine braking is still an issue, just makes no sense to me and i do still have to turn the tickover lower when it gets hotter too anyone else have this issue?
  2. earthcore

    clutch side casing removal

    no way mate, any steel blade is harder than ally, i was always told never to force anything into the edges because of damaging the faces of the casing, and learnt the hard way with an old A7 but, its done :-) tapped 4 of the bolt holes in the casing itself, and then gradually wound in 4 bolts, as the bolts reach the narrower hole in the crankcase it forced the casing off happy days :-) where theres a will theres a way :-)
  3. earthcore

    clutch side casing removal

    hi, been rebuilding a dr600 but after finally getting the full power fuelling right, the clutch wont stand it, so new plates and springs arrive and i go out to strip it, but whatever i do i cant shift the casing the front does move slightly with a good clout from a rubber mallet on the side, but you cant do that at the rear where the locator peg is, theres no "Knocking tabs" either which doesnt help after the rubber mallet i got a hardwood dowel in where i could using it as a drift , with no joy at all even tried a phosphor bronze drift gently against the casing where it protrudes slightly just cant shift it at all short of taking the engine out and soaking it in paraffin im at a bit of a loss all ideas greatfully recieved :-)
  4. earthcore

    Carburation on DR600

    know what u mean mate, but like i say, even with float pushed right up on pivot, without needle in at all, its still over 55mm from flange to base of floats so the 70mm leaves a max float travel of 20mm which sounds fairly near when its on ill check level with an external pipe but as stated above its not very clear in manual about where the measurement is taken from and crannie, what makes you say that? intake shows no sign of wear and float needle seats well and shows no distortion/wear
  5. earthcore

    Carburation on DR600

    hi, did u ever sort this problem out mate? got similar issues, just completely rebuilt accelerator pumps and hoping bbut whats the deal with float height? manual figures seem totally wrong, saying 25mm from base flange to top of float but upside down resting on needle its 71mm, and pushed as far into carb as possible its still 56mm so the 23mm cant be right any hints anyone? know its an old thread but heres hoping :-) cheers in advance